The Four Stages of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

DBT is a highly effective form of therapy that treats many different disorders. In DBT, people are taught two seemingly different and opposite strategies; acceptance and change. Patients are taught to accept that their experiences, emotions, and behaviors are valid. But they’re also taught that they have to make positive changes to manage their emotions... Read More

DBT Effective in Reducing Suicide Amongst Teens

  A recently publish trail provides shows that dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is the first well-established and empirically supported treatment for reducing suicide attempts and self-harm in teenagers. Dialectical behavior therapy is an intense form of cognitive behavioral therapy that teaches people to improve their emotional and cognitive regulations by learning their triggers and new... Read More

Ketamine Is Leading To New Depression Drugs

  Ketamine is inspiring and driving the medical industry to rethink how they treat depression. Ketamine is FDA approved as an anesthetic drug and is commonly used in vets, but it also has a reputation as a popular party drug due to the out of body experience it produces. However, in recent years doctors have... Read More
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