10 Reason Why You Should Try Meditation

Meditation is not just for hippies and gurus anymore.  There are endless  professional athletes, doctors and superstars who have decided to try mediation, and preach its’ benefits. The masses have begun to open up to the idea of this simple, yet useful form of relaxation in the past few years; however, meditation has been around... Read More

Things You Should Know About Taking Medication for Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Anxiety disorder treatment typically involves a combination of lifestyle changes, psychotherapy and medication. If you’re uncertain about taking medication to treat your anxiety disorder, you’re not alone. Many people who suffer from anxiety disorders aren’t sure if medication is right for them. And, while non-pharmaceutical treatments may not relieve your anxiety as quickly as medication... Read More

Newsletter June 2014

Using Mandalas for Healing -Kye Yeaman, LMFT One of the most admired and discussed symbols of current culture is the ancient mandala.  From Native American and Tibetan sand-painting, to Gothic rose windows, mandalas are used as symbols for meditation, protection, and healing. Broadly defined mandala means both circle and center.  The circle represents the visible... Read More
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