May Newsletter 2014

Identity in Recovery    Anthony Gonzalez, LCSW, ACHP-SW In the recovery process, it is important to clearly identify the problem we face, whether that be with substances, thoughts, food or feelings.  However, in this acceptance, we too often personalize our struggle into solely identifying with the label of the problem.  We begin to only see... Read More

Could Virtual Reality Soon Be Used for PTSD Therapy?

A study published in the April 18, 2014 online edition of the American Journal of Psychiatry suggests that virtual reality exposure therapy, or VRE, could treat PTSD symptoms in combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Researchers at Emory University recruited 156 veterans in need of PTSD therapy for the study. They found that VRE greatly... Read More

Newsletter April 2014

The Art of Listening Shyla Ford-Marchion, LCSW One of the most profound senses we have is our hearing; yet so many of us have not learned the skill of listening. Listening requires us to observe and participate in what we hear. Participate in this sense means to pay attention or attend to what we are... Read More

March Newsletter 2014

  Couple’s Conflict Resolution    Steven Reisler, Psy.D. How many times in the past have a small argument, disagreement, or difference of opinion with your partner or spouse escalated to a huge conflict? If you are like most couples, then the answer is probably at least 1 too many. One of the reasons why this... Read More