September Connection 2009

THE OUTCOMES OF DETACHMENT By Jennifer Bilot, MEd., IMH In the previous newsletter, I talked about detachment and letting go. The people that we are in relationships with will often have a reaction to our decision to detach from unhealthy relationships. As part of the process of recovery from codependency, this is something that we... Read More

August Connection 2009

MOVING ON By Raul Rodriguez, M.D., Medical Director Adversity is a part of life. It is something that we all have to deal with from time to time. It comes in different forms and in many different degrees of severity. Moving on past adversity is also a part of life but can prove to be... Read More

July Connection 2009

Clara Bossie, M.S. IMT/ IMH/ C.Ad. Seeing the possibilities within a situation is often dependent on how you are feeling as the event unfolds. Our intense emotions can begin a spiral of fixed assumptions and negative thinking; ultimately immobilizing our ability to see the many possibilities that exist within a single event. Depression, anxiety, sadness,... Read More

June Connection 2009

MANAGING SUMMER SCHEDULE CHANGES By Patty Thomas Shutt, Psy. D. Clinical Director Summertime often involves changes in schedules, with kids out of school, vacations, and of course changes at the Center. Most of us know the benefits of sticking to healthy routines such as exercise, eating habits, support groups, psychotherapy and much more. However change can... Read More

May Connection 2009

WALKING MEDITATION By Patty Thomas Shutt, Psy. D. Clinical Director Walking meditation is a practice of training attention, one‐pointed attention, and a form of cultivating our connection with nature. Walking “in a meditative state” begins by starting wherever you are with the intention of walking as an end, rather than a means to an end. With... Read More