Break Out of the Blues

By Raul Rodriguez, MD Medical Director Blue is one of my favorite colors, but also one of my least favorite feelings. Many share this sentiment, especially during the holidays. The holiday blues are right up there with income tax season, as far as an annual source of dreaded emotional pain and suffering. It does not... Read More


By Patty Thomas Shutt, Psy.D. Clinical Director Mindfulness is present‐state awareness; an awakening from what is going on in our mind, bodies, and surroundings at any given moment. Mindfulness is not thought, but rather the experiencing of thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgment. As I drive along the path to work I will often find... Read More

February Connection 2010

SUCCESS FROM MISTAKES By Clara Bossie, M.S. IMH/IMT, C.Ad. B.Ed. Personally, most of my “AHA moments” come both from gut wrenching mistakes and minor faux pas. When I was a child my mom would say, “Do what you think is right.” ARGH! Of course, I know it is not right! Even though it was painful... Read More