Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Bipolar Disorder Treatment at The Delray Center for Healing

Previously known as “Manic Depression”, Bipolar Disorder is characterized by uncontrolled and often unpredictable mood swings of extreme intensity. However, with the exception of the most obvious cases, this condition can be difficult to identify and is quite often misdiagnosed. The Delray Center is dedicated to correcting misdiagnoses, properly treating each client’s condition, and helping all clients reach full functional capacity and maintain their long-term stability with the least time away from work or home.

  • Treatment of Bipolar Disorder incorporates the most advanced medical and psychological technologies available
  • Dr. Rodriguez has extensive training and professional experience specifically in the diagnosis and treatment of Bipolar Disorder, and has worked closely with some of the world’s most renowned experts in this particular field
  • Receive an accurate diagnosis assessment and the proper treatment to start experiencing balance and a better quality to life

The Bipolar Treatment Program at The Delray Center for Healing is a comprehensive approach to treating individuals suffering from mood fluctuations that have caused suffering and problems in their life. We have left no stone unturned and are committed to helping individuals stabilize, learn about every aspect of their mood disorder, and learn tools and strategies to maintain greater balance in mood, thus promoting the greatest opportunity to rebuild their life. Many individuals will participate in multiple programs at our center and benefit from having many advanced treatments offered at our center, such as DBT skills group and EMDR. Our comprehensive program includes the following services and is updated and changes as the needs of the individual changes over time.

Bipolar Treatment

  • Psychiatric Evaluation and medication review
  • Medication management and stabilization sessions with medical team
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Family Education, Support, and Therapy
  • Mood management Group
  • Process Group
  • Weekly acupuncture, massage therapy and holistic therapies
  • Yoga and Meditation training
  • Individualized personal training sessions
  • Advanced groups available as indicated