Eva Goode, LCSW

Eva Goode, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Eva is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who brings a holistic approach to the Delray Center therapeutic team. Her understanding of the mind/body connection allows her to treat clients with various needs. Her comprehensive background and experience has provided the ability to deliver quality clinical care for individuals of diverse ages and cultures. She has treated the elderly, veterans, teenagers, families, and vulnerable populations. Eva has 7 years of experience in the field of mental health, providing education and clinical care to those suffering from various struggles.

Eva is trained extensively in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and has been practicing this highly effective treatment approach with clients and families since 2013. Eva’s career started with a focus on behavior health education and shifted to a well-rounded systems approach. She uses integrated knowledge of neurological and environmental determinants of wellness to treat her clients.

In addition to her clinical experience, Eva believes that a practitioner’s self-care and continued education are important elements of providing the best clinical care. She is a yoga enthusiast, spinning proponent, and a marathon runner and is regularly engaged in educational pursuits to expand her therapeutic efficacy.

Eva has received her clinical training at the following institutions:

-University Of North Carolina Wilmington- Bachelors of Psychology
-Florida Atlantic University- Masters of Social Work
-The Linehan Institute/Behavioral Tech- DBT Trained
-SMART Recovery Facilitator trained
-National Association of Social Workers Member

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