Community Resource Hub

Welcome to “The Hub”

“The Hub”, short for the Delray Center Community Resource Hub, is located on SE 4th Avenue, off Atlantic Ave in downtown Delray Beach, Florida, just down the road from the Delray Center for Healing’s main medical office. The Hub serves as the Delray Center’s community nexus, hosting SMART Recovery® meetings, support groups for specific populations, and educational events for both the public and for mental health professionals.

At the Delray Center, we believe strongly in giving back to our community in order to better serve those at-risk for addiction or untreated mental health issues. The culture of healing and wellness we encourage in our patients extends beyond our center’s walls and into the Delray and Palm Beach County community at large. For years, Dr. Rodriguez and the clinical team at the Delray Center have engaged in a number of community initiatives to raise awareness about public health issues and help facilitate care for those unable to access traditional forms of treatment.

The Delray Center Community Resource Hub includes:


Nautilus Continuing Education

Nautilus Continuing Education at the Delray Center serves to help educate both the public and other treatment professionals on emerging and existing mental health trends and new forms of treatment, including ones being pioneered at the Delray Center. Continuing education events include our annual Wellness Day, held the last Friday in May every year, which features a full day of talks from Delray Center clinical staff on new treatment modalities as they become available. Continuing education also applies to our therapeutic offerings. Among other programming, the Delray Center offers Advanced DBT groups, specifically designed for those who have completed all four modules and/or graduated from another DBT program.

Delray Center Family Services

Delray Center Family Services is a resource for families collectively struggling with addiction or mental illness. At the Delray Center, we offer both family and couples therapy, as well as group process therapy that individuals may enroll in without being part of a more structured program. Group therapy and support group offerings at Delray Center Family Services include our grief & loss support group, our LGBTQ-specific support group,  and gender & diagnosis specific process groups. We also offer weekend process groups, and monthly weekend family support groups.

SMART Recovery® Delray

The Delray Center is proud to host SMART Recovery® meetings as a 12-step alternative, in keeping with our dedication to providing multiple pathways to recovery from addiction. Our SMART Recovery® meetings are free and open to the public and all are welcome. The Delray Center also holds at special SMART meeting for family and friends of those struggling with addiction on Thursdays at 6:00 PM. SMART, which stands for Self Management And Recovery Training, offers free support groups to anyone recovering from addictive behaviors. SMART meetings are led by trained facilitators and employ cognitive behavioral therapy as part of a 4-point program of key areas of awareness and change. To learn more about SMART Recovery® , visit their official website at and to learn more about SMART Recovery® Delray, visit our page here.

SMART Recovery Delray – Meetings

Monday 5:00 PM (closed)7:00 PM (open) Must be working with DCH therapist individually
and have attended at least 1 SMART recovery meeting
previously to attend closed SMART meetings.
Tuesday 7:00 PM (open)
Wednesday 7:00 PM (open)
Thursday 6:00 PM (family & friends)7:00 PM (open) 6:00 PM SMART meeting is for family members
and loved ones of those
struggling with addictive behavior
Friday 3:00 PM (open)
SMART Recovery Delray meetings are hosted at the community hub adjacent to Bamboo Garden Yoga at 88 SE 4th Ave, Delray Beach FL 33483. To find out more information on SMART Recovery Delray, call 866-699-5679.

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