Adult DBT Skills Group


The Delray Center offers DBT Skills programming that can meet your needs and schedule

Numerous clinical trials have shown DBT to be highly effective in the treatment of numerous disorders, including Borderline Personality Disorder, mood disorders, co-occurring disorders, and self-destructive behavior. It has also been adapted for the treatment of substance abuse and eating disorders with successful results.

At the Delray Center, our Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group has been developed to help clients learn and apply productive skills that will decrease emotional dysregulation and unhealthy reactions to strong emotions. This is a highly structured group and clients must commit to the full schedule of sessions.

Participants in the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group will master four skill sets:

Mindfulness Skills

Group members in our Adult DBT Skills Group learn to mindfully participate in thoughts, sensations, emotions and outside phenomena, without categorizing these experiences as “good” or “bad.” Mindfulness skills are essential to successful advancement within the DBT Program.

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

Participants in out Adult DBT Skills Group learn to successfully voice their needs and manage discord in their personal and professional relationships.

Emotion Regulation Skills

Emotional regulation skills help participants identify and manage emotional reactions in healthy and adaptive ways.

Distress Tolerance Skills

Group members learn ways to accept and tolerate distress without resorting to the self-destructive or maladaptive behaviors that have caused them problems in the past.