Delray Center believed in me.

Upon arriving at the Delray Center, my expectation was quite low. In fact, verging on hopelessness… I’ve been to “the best”. Now, after 2 ½ years, not only have hope, but I have achieved a self-awareness that I never knew was attainable. Words cannot describe the gift of my life that Dr. Rodriguez & Dr. Shutt and DBT have bestowed upon me. I believe the most tangible reason for their success in reaching that place inside of me I had relinquished so long ago, is because they walk in truth. Everything I was guided in, also was the foundation of my faith. Their words & belief in me was & is unrebukable! They walked hand and hand with my Catholic Faith and because of that, I trust and believe them. The Delray Center saved my life and as a result my six children’s lives too.  The best experience for me is the combination of Dr. Rodriguez’ keen and wise (innovative) knowledge of the pharmaceutical world. This is the 1st time I have ever felt anything but deep sadness. As well as Dr. Shutt’s infinite desire to help me and her empathy. Dr. Shutt never lifter herself up; her humility is truly saintly a gift! The people who make up the Delray Center saved my life! They believed in me! I have and always will recommend the Delray Center. I have never had an opportunity to really thank “the team” making up this unique, innovative, and compassionate Center. My hope and dream, is that they grow into the best & innovative Center. I know that this Center will be the impetus for many more around the world. Thank you for giving me myself and teaching me that I am worthy and lovable. How can I thank you for showing me that I am allowed to love and my love is real. My 6 children’s lives have been forever blessed! Amazing!

Denise B. – Delray Beach, FL


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