"Delray Center for Healing Has Literally Saved My Life"

I expected this to be a “traditional drug rehab” and I could tell from the moment I walked in that Delray Center for Healing was different. (Traditional treatment failed me in the past, despite my compliance with it) Delray Center for Healing has literally saved my life. I was suffering from bipolar illness, PTSD and substance dependence. Delray Center for Healing staff is adept at treating ALL of my problems and how they interact and impact my health & wellness. I consider my recovery a miracle. I have healed in ways I never thought possible. (I felt I was hopeless after 20+ years of traditional therapy). Mostly I learned specific tools I could take into and use in my daily life. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Delray Center for Healing. Their integrated approach to recovery is second to none. DBT has been the best part of my treatment here. This more than anything has given me actual tools that I use daily. Plus, the focus on physical/ as well as psycho-logical/ emotional recovery has been unique and helpful for me.  They do it all here in ways I have never encountered in 20+ years of traditional therapy and treatment. For the first time in many, many years, I feel good about who I am & where my life is going. Thank you, Delray Center for Healing, I owe you a debt of gratitude!

Tracy M. – Palm Beach Gardens, FL


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