Depression is a common diagnosis which can vary greatly in severity, from mild sadness to intense and persistent feelings of hopelessness. Individuals struggling with chronic feelings of being depressed may be suffering from clinical depression, otherwise defined as Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). MDD can rob people of normal happy experiences, and can make completing even small tasks extremely difficult. The symptoms of clinical depression can include feelings of emptiness, irregular sleep patterns, outbursts of anger, and a loss of interest in once pleasurable activities. Other symptoms of MDD can be loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts, increased restlessness and irritability. The condition can even cause physical problems, such as headaches and back pain, as well as cognitive problems, like poor memory, trouble with concentration, and the inability to make simple decisions.

Although the symptoms of can feel overwhelming, the condition itself is completely treatable with the right psychotherapeutic and medical interventions. The depression treatment program at The Delray Center for Healing, located in Delray Beach, South Florida treats MDD as well as other mood disorders with depressive features. Our treatment team also specializes in working with individuals who have not responded to conventional treatments for depressive conditions.

The Depression Treatment Program at The Delray Center for Healing Includes:

  • Each client receives individualized treatment based on a comprehensive evaluation and careful diagnosis
  • The clinical team at the Delray Center for Healing has advanced training and superior expertise in treating depressive mood disorders, even particularly complex cases
  • Our broad range of therapeutic services and commitment to comprehensive wellness offers each client the highest level of care, often surpassing the treatments available at major university based medical centers
  • The Delray Center for Healing has a history of long-term treatment success even where others have failed

If you or someone you know have been suffering from prolonged feelings of emptiness, anxiety, or hopelessness, then clinical treatment may be necessary.

Our Depression Treatment Options

Learn more about the mood disorder treatment programs and services that we offer at the Delray Center for Healing.

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