Let me sing the praises of the Delray Center for Healing

Let me sing the praises of the Delray Center for Healing, its doctors and its staff!! I am an alcoholic who had fifteen years of sobriety before relapsing about five years ago. Since that time I have been a chronic relapser and have been to numerous detox units and four to five treatment centers. Nothing seemed to work! That is until I found the Delray Center in June 2010. I was evaluated by Dr. Freidman and Dr. Rodriguez and it was recommended that I enter the comprehensive (C.A.T.) treatment program for three months. I told Dr. Rodriguez that the traditional 12-step programs had not worked for me and he explained that his program was an alternative treatment modality, that while it did not encourage or discourage outside 12-step recovery,  it catered to the individual who had tried and failed with such recovery.

As I write this, my initial three months of treatment are coming to an end. I have followed Dr. R’s and Dr. Friedman’s advice and have extended my treatment for another three months ( a total of 6 months)  and have become a residential (in-house) patient residing at the Center’s residential facility in west Delray Beach. In itself, this is unbelievable for me since I have only done 30-60 days in treatment centers in the past and could not wait to get out. I have now come to believe that it was not I who had failed prior treatments but rather the treatments had failed me.

Here is why I am gladly extending my treatment at the Center: every single person employed at the Center, and I mean every one of the doctors and every one of the staff are wonderful, caring and compassionate people who truly care about my well-being. I am always greeted with a smile and sincere inquiry as to how I am doing, feeling, etc. My individual therapist and the therapists who run groups are incredibly intelligent, insightful, well trained and, above all, nurturing. I feel safe in processing my thoughts and feelings and have made great strides in the ninety or so days I have been here. The Center is not a punitive atmosphere as so many 12-step treatment centers seem to be. The Center encourages intelligent and intellectual introspection and does not, in any way, try to “dumb you down” into a solely 12-step context but allows you to explore and continually inquire into the issues and underlying problems surrounding your addiction.

I cannot say enough about the Center and its people but would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a long-lasting resolution to his or her addiction problems.

-Kenn, Delray Beach


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