Athlete Development Program (ADaPt)

ADaPt: The Delray Center for Healing’s Athlete Development Program

The Athlete Development Program at The Delray Center for Healing (ADaPt)The Delray Center For Healing now offers the Athlete Development Program (ADaPt) as a new optional addition to what is already one of the most comprehensive outpatient treatment programs in the country.  The Delray Center has long since been known for a strong fitness culture,  demonstrated in the many fitness aspects that clients already engage in, as well as the fitness-based lifestyles of many of the clinical staff members.  ADaPt takes all of this a step further by actually teaching and training clients how to engage in mountain biking, road biking, and triathlon training. 

ADaPt training is designed to bring individuals that are completely new to these sports from entry level up to intermediate or even a competitive level.  All of these sports require acquisition of knowledge and certain technical skills.  The ADaPt training staff members, most of whom are either competitive or professional athletes themselves, provide expert training to accelerate this skill and knowledge acquisition such that participants can minimize any risk of injury and maximize enjoyment.  All of the necessary equipment is provided for maximum convenience and to significantly reduce startup costs.  We do everything we can to facilitate introduction to a fitness lifestyle.

Incorporating these advanced fitness elements almost always boost the clinical responses for mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma, and addiction treatment.  Responses are usually stronger, more complete, more sustained, and require less medication when there is regular exercise.  Quality of life, emotional stability, and physical health all improve.  The ultimate goal of the ADaPt program is permanent adoption of a fitness lifestyle so that all of these benefits can be enjoyed for decades to come.  The program is operated by PFN and Speedlab National Training Center.

Individuals who participate in ADaPt often choose to assimilate into the fitness community at Speedlab & PFN. This community has been a wonderful source of support and camaraderie for professional, competitive, and recreational athletes for many years now.  ADaPt participants are encouraged to remain active but are free to progress at the rate that they are comfortable with.  Some choose to train up to a competitive level while many remain at the recreational level.  A culture of positive support, nurturing and fellowship has always been fostered.

ADaPT Services & Structure

Participants can enlist in ADaPt in monthly increments.  Participants are provided both a road and mountain bike for use.  Organized and professionally led group instruction and rides are scheduled at least 3 times a week.  Once proficiency has been demonstrated, access to the road bikes for solo rides is granted.  Helmets and water bottles are provided with the bicycles.  Participants are able to purchase the remaining necessary personal equipment with Speedlab sponsorship discounts.

Recommended personal equipment for Athlete Development Program (Speedlab can facilitate discounted rate purchases through support from race team sponsors):

  • Cycling shorts with chamois pad (usually referred to as cycling “bib shorts”)
  • Cycling jersey
  • Cycling socks
  • Cycling shoes
  • Cycling gloves
  • Sunglasses or eye protection
  • Sunscreen
  • Garmin heart rate monitor and/ or cycling computer
  • Cycling helmet
If you are interested in learning more about The Delray Center’s Athlete Development Program for yourself or someone else, please contact us today, or give us a call at 561-266-8866