Athletes In Recovery

The Delray Center For Healing now offers the Athletes In Recovery Program (AIR) as a newest specialty track of the most comprehensive outpatient treatment program in the country.

Athletes in Recovery, the latest clinical program at the Delray Center

Many athletes struggle with having to pick between their sobriety and their chosen competitive sport, which usually delays receiving help.  Athletes in Recovery (AIR) is the solution to this problem, by allowing competitive level athletes to seek mental health and substance abuse treatment without interrupting their training.  Athletes can expect to actually advance their skills and performance while training in the AIR program, due to the professional level of coaching and guidance.

AIR is structured such that physical training is done in the morning and on weekends while treatment starts at noon and continues until the early evening.  Sufficient time is scheduled to ensure a proper training volume, appropriate recovery time, and full-scale clinical care.  A compliant AIR participant will be fully capable of excelling in both facets of their life.

The quality of both the clinical care and physical training is nothing short of world class.  For many years now, both patients and athletes have traveled from across the world to the Delray Center and Speedlab National Training Center.  Speedlab training programs have been developed for road cyclists, triathletes, mountain bike racers, marathon runners, adventure racers, mountain climbers, motocross racers, rally racers, race car drivers, football, soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, and equestrian sports.  Athletes from all of these sports routinely participate in training camps held at Speedlab.  AIR is unique synthesis of a Speedlab training camp with a Delray Center clinical program, with detailed planning and coordination.  Many AIR participants elect to report that their time away from their regular life is for a Speedlab training camp only, to maintain the privacy of their clinical treatment.

The Athletes in Recovery program is operated by PFN and Speedlab National Training CenterPerformance Fitness & Nutrition (PFN), a subsidiary of the Delray Center, was established in 2004 to train local athletes as well as provide fitness services for the clinical program clients.  In 2015 PFN evolved into Speedlab National Training Center, an athletic development facility for competitive and professional athletes from all over the world.  Approximately two-thirds of the Speedlab clients are professional and competitive athletes.  The remaining one-third are Delray Center clients who are using exercise as a significant part of their treatment.  Most of the same facilities, equipment, and technology that are used for the professional athletes are also used for the clinical programs.

Athletes in Recovery Services & Structure

Participants can enlist in our Athletes in Recovery program in 8-week increments, just like any of the other Delray Center clinical programs.  Participants are provided both a professional fitness coach, who prepares the training and nutritional plans, and a personal trainer.  Participants can also be provided both a road and mountain bike for use if desired, or they can bring their own.  All of the Speedlab rental bikes are BMC brand (one of our team sponsors) and are available in a range of sizes.  Once proficiency has been demonstrated, access to the road bikes for solo rides is available. 

The level of instruction and rides provided ranges from entry level to professional level, based on what is desired and appropriate. Organized and professionally led group instruction and rides are scheduled at least 3 times a week.  Most of the instructors are World-Class cyclists and triathletes. 

The Delray Center and Speedlab are located in very close proximity to A1A, which is the very scenic Atlantic oceanfront road that is the most popular cycling route in South Florida.  Most of the road rides are held either Northbound or Southbound along that route.  Mountain bike rides are most often held in West Delray or Quiet Waters Parks, as well as any of the other South Florida trails such as those found in Markham, Oleta, Virginia Key, Dyer, and Amelia Earhart Parks (all the trails that are used as race courses every year).   Most runs are done along A1A and trail runs can be done at West Delray Park.  Swimming is done at the nearby Aqua Crest Pool in Delray, in the intra-coastal waterway (calm saltwater conditions), or off of Delray Beach in the Atlantic Ocean (open water conditions).  Intra-coastal access and the beach are both very close.  The South Florida location of the Delray Center allows for outdoor training 12 months out of the year, due to the very mild winter season.  Training is held indoors on trainers or in the indoor cycling studio if a ride gets rained out.  Speedlab has both Keiser and Real Ryder bikes.  Runners have access to the treadmill and elliptical trainer.

Loaner helmets and water bottles are provided with the bicycles, or athletes can elect to bring their own.  Cyclists are encouraged to bring their cycling shoes and pedals if they are going to use one of the AIR bikes.  If any other gear is needed, participants are able to purchase most of the necessary personal training and racing equipment with Speedlab World Cup Racing Team sponsorship discounts.