Trauma Resolution Program


Quiet suffering from trauma can often derive from childhood abuse and neglect, rape, military combat, accidents, and natural disasters to list just a few of the many events that can cause post-trauma reactions. While some individuals exhibit symptoms such as anxiety, depression, constant struggle to “move forward” in life, others turn to substance abuse to help ease their pain. Still others may suffer silently, offering only subtle hints to the pain that lies within. Our experienced team of highly trained and compassionate Therapists is adept at identifying and treating post-trauma reactions while remaining sensitive to the unique needs of individuals and families affected by these conditions.

Benefits of the Trauma Resolution Program include the following:

  • Each client receives an individualized treatment plan addressing the full spectrum of needs associated with trauma related conditions
  • Supportive psychotherapy is complemented by a safe, nurturing environment
  • If necessary, clients may simultaneously participate in other Delray Center programs such as the Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Program or the Eating Disorder Program
  • The Delray Center for Healing offers advanced treatment methods such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • A full spectrum of adjunct holistic therapies help clients improve mood, reduce stress, and build important mental wellness skills