Break Free From Opioid Addiction With Suboxone

A Suboxone program is a safe and effective way to manage opiate withdrawal symptoms and eventually stop taking opiates altogether.

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About How Suboxone Therapy Can Help You Maintain Sobriety

    What is Suboxone?

    Suboxone is an opiate addiction maintenance drug that’s used as an alternative to methadone in programs. Studies show that a Suboxone program is far more effective than opiate detox and addiction treatment without the use of maintenance drugs. Suboxone helps to control withdrawal symptoms that can lead to relapse and continuing the cycle of abuse.

    Outpatient Treatment Outpatient Treatment

    Outpatient Treatment

    Suboxone is available on an outpatient basis so that individuals can work on recovery from the comfort of their own homes.

    Long-Term Maintenance Long-Term Maintenance

    Long-Term Maintenance

    Research supports the use of Suboxone as a long-term opiate maintenance medication.

    FDA Approved FDA Approved

    FDA Approved

    Suboxone is approved for use and deemed safe for opioid treatment by the federal government (FDA).

    Low Dependence Risk Low Dependence Risk

    Low Dependence Risk

    Suboxone has a reduced potential for abuse because it contains the ingredient naloxone.

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    Suboxone allows individuals to continue with their daily responsibilities as it doesn’t require residential treatment or detox.

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    About How Suboxone Can Help You Or A Loved One Struggling With Opioid Dependence

    Suboxone Programs Don’t Disrupt Daily Life or Schedules

    The Delray Center for Healing provides outpatient suboxone treatment for those who suffer from debilitating opiate addiction and need help getting clean and sober. It is hard enough to have to deal with the consequences of your addiction and the issues that brought you to this point in time where you are seeking treatment. Suboxone programs allow you to get the help you need without uprooting your entire life.

    Suboxone Programs Don’t Disrupt Daily Life or Schedules
    Suboxone Allows for a Reduction in Withdrawal and Cravings

    Suboxone Allows for a Reduction in Withdrawal and Cravings

    Opiate addiction is very hard to overcome due to the fact that the withdrawal symptoms are so uncomfortable and even life threatening. With Suboxone maintenance treatment, you can have freedom from cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and intoxication without having to take a short-acting maintenance drug several times a day (like methadone).

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    This place has been such a huge blessing for me. I have been a patient for almost over 2 years now and this facility has truly helped me in so many ways and I am so grateful. Dr Hawkins has helped me on my journey, and I am so grateful for that.. I want to thank Alexis and the staff for always helping me with anything that I need. This facility is amazing and they truly go above and beyond for their patients!


    The Delray Center for Healing has been such an awesome resource for me throughout the pandemic. Jasmine in the front office is always so positive and reassuring. I’d recommend anyone in need of mental health services to these guys. The whole practice is great.


    I had been suffering from shakes, tremors, uncontrollable muscle movements and anxiety for many years. I have seen many doctors, neurologists and psychiatrists without any relief. I was then referred to Dr Rodriguez and his Delray Center. He and his wonderful staff gave me my life back. I will never forget what they did for me and will recommend them to anybody that needs excellent medical treatment.


    Dr Rodriguez is an awesome doctor; I’ve been seeing him for years. I am very thankful that he has changed my life. Also, Jessica in the office is incredibly helpful!!! If I have any kind of issue – she is the one I know I can count on to fix it – she is amazing.