When I moved to Florida, my first goal was to find a psychiatrist who could help me

When I moved to Florida in 2003, my first goal was to find a psychiatrist who could help me. Fresh out of an outpatient program for suicide prevention and alcoholism, seeking help was not an option. After feeling like a guinea pig for medications in the past, I was lucky enough to find Dr. Raul Rodriguez and the Delray Center For Healing. With a diagnosis of acute bipolar and anxiety disorder, Dr. Rodriguez shortly had me on an even keel with which the medications he prescribed. I immediately felt comfortable with the doctor due to his personality and sincere desire to help me. As time went on it was apparent that I needed to take it a step further. Dr. Rodriguez opened up my mind to attend certain groups and talk with one of his onsite psychotherapists. I immediately felt comfort and trust in Dr. Patricia Shutt, Psy.D. The Center offers a staff of personable, courteous and friendly people eager to help. I always look forward to seeing my doctors and attending some of the many groups which The Center offers. My sincere gratitude to everyone at the Center – Robert, Delray Beach


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