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Welcome to the Delray Center for Healing

The people who choose Dr. Rodriguez and the Delray Center are those who want more from their doctor, their therapy, and their treatment in general. Dr. Rodriguez founded the Delray Center in 2003 and built it on a foundation of core clinical, professional, and ethical principles that are adhered to still to this day. 

The advanced clinical systems were developed as adaptations to the needs of the populace. The Delray Center is highly specialized in treatment for Major Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Trauma/PTSD, Personality Disorders, and Substance Abuse. Individuals who suffered from difficult to treat conditions needed better solutions. Aiming for just “a little better” was not good enough. Dr. Rodriguez and the Delray Center strive for full remission in each and every clinical situation, no matter how complicated the case. “Nobody can help me” does not exist here. 

Solutions did not come easy and took years to develop. Our Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) based clinical model is constantly being refined and improved upon. Our integrative philosophy brings together elements of fitness, nutrition, vitamin therapy, acupuncture, massage, meditation, and yoga to further optimize our patient outcomes. Our “Clinical Team” approach further sets us apart, bringing together professionals from different disciplines to collaborate on patient care on a daily basis. 

Our depth and range is such that someone can receive focused treatment from a psychiatrist collaborating with a therapist if that is all that is needed, or a full scale comprehensive outpatient program if indicated by a more severe and complex presentation. Individuals who receive comprehensive program-based care typically graduate to focused outpatient treatment with the same doctor and therapist that they started with. Our goal is simple; do what it takes to achieve full remission.

Located in beautiful Delray Beach, FL, the Delray Center provides specialized services to individuals, families, couples, women, and teens. Our highly skilled professionals are caring, supportive and approachable. Our treatment plans are individualized, adaptable, creative, and flexible. We work with our patients to find a clinical path that is right for them. 

Under the direction of Dr. Rodriguez, The Delray Center for Healing continues to set a new standard of care, by providing exceptional therapy services in the South Florida area including: Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, and Palm Beach county.

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The Delray Center fits your Schedule:

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling allows patients to fulfill work and family responsibilities.

Personalized Healing

The length of time spent in our comprehensive outpatient programs is based entirely upon the clinical needs of the client and not any pre-set protocols.

Patient Care

Our clinical and administrative staff is here for YOU, respectful of YOUR privacy and discreet in handling patient care and confidentiality.

Central Location

The Delray Center offers every level of service with our customized treatment plans, addressing the individual needs of every patient and their family all in one location so that you can focus solely on your healing.


The Delray Center is Cost Effective:

Treatment Savings

Over the course of your treatment, the Delray Center’s outpatient program options can cost thousands less than inpatient options.

Minimize Time Away

Because 24-hour care is often not required for extended periods, patients preferably elect treatment to minimize the time away from work and loved ones. Unlike conventional inpatient treatment facilities where you may spend substantial time away from home.

Customized Treatment

Our broad range of treatment options and individualized treatment plans allow each client to only pay for the level of services necessary to treat their particular condition. Regardless of the disorder or combination of disorders, we will create a treatment plan that fits your needs and budget.

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