3 Things You Should Look for When Looking for an Eating Disorder Program

If you or someone close to you is suffering from an eating disorder, choosing an effective eating disorder program could save his or her life. Here’s what you should look for in an effective program.


Eating disorders are complex and require a delicate approach and a practiced hand. Look for an eating disorder program that employees doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and nutritionists who have special training. And, experience in the treatment of disordered eating.

Make sure the specialists who will be treating you are all appropriately qualified and licensed, and that the facility is also licensed for eating disorder treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask for success rates.

Treatment for Medical Complications

Eating disorders are the deadliest mental health disorders because of the damage they can do to the body. Even patients who are not visibly underweight or overweight can suffer malnutrition, electrolyte imbalances, and other issues related to eating disorders. Find an eating disorder program that offers complete medical treatment to address any health concerns related to the eating disorder.

Evidence-Based, Long-Term Therapy

An effective eating disorder program should rely on cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and, for adolescent patients still living at home, Maudsley Family-Based Treatment. These types of therapy have been proven to work when used as part of a treatment program.

But therapy shouldn’t end when you leave the eating disorder program; your program should help you put a long-term care plan in place. You didn’t develop an eating disorder overnight, and you won’t be cured overnight. You may need individual, group, or family therapy, as well as medical supervision and nutritional counseling, for some time after your program ends.

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