The Advantages of Group Therapy for Mental Health

Group therapy is a highly assistive and effective aspect of mental health treatment. Used in combination with other therapies and treatment approaches, group therapy is an enriching tool that can assist individuals with learning and practicing a number of supportive behavioral and communication skills. However, many seeking mental health support may not know of the advantages of group therapy or are hesitant to jump into this type of therapy setting. But, learning more about group therapy and the undeniable benefits of this type of therapy can encourage those who may be apprehensive about this type of therapy.

A Bit About Group Therapy

When you think of therapy sessions, you probably imagine an individual laying down on a sofa talking while a therapist takes notes. And, while that is a glimpse into what therapy sessions may be for some people, that’s not typically what most therapy sessions look like. Individual therapy sessions involve a clinical therapist and a mental health patient. During sessions, individuals work on identifying and addressing various behaviors, thought patterns, and emotions that may relate to symptoms of mental health issues. And, work on practicing useful skills and techniques to help relieve symptoms of mental health issues. However, group therapy differs from individual therapy in one major way; instead of one individual working with a clinician, there are several. Group therapy allows for a setting in which a number of individuals work toward the same goals in therapy sessions, which allows for a number of advantages.

Group Therapy Allows for Further Support

People recovering from various mental health issues can greatly benefit from the support provided by those around them. Support can come in many forms; offering advice, simply listening, and being motivational and encouraging. While getting support from a clinical therapist is essential, it’s also helpful to have others around who can understand how you’re feeling or what you’re experiencing to give you that support too. And, group therapy sessions not only allow individuals to meet peers who may be dealing with similar issues but interact with these individuals using therapy exercises and activities. Thus, allowing for a supportive environment in which individuals can make and retain lasting, supportive relationships.

Relating to Others and Ourselves Better

During group sessions, individuals may share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Therefore, allowing individuals to better understand how they are feeling themselves by relation. Often, people living with mental health issues may not exactly understand how or what they’re feeling. So, hearing others explain their thoughts and feelings in group settings may help individuals better understand how they feel.

Group Therapy Allows for Practice of Therapy Techniques

Setting boundaries, communicating with others effectively, and other helpful skills are taught throughout individual therapy sessions. But, these skill sets can be challenging to practice in the real world. That’s where group therapy comes into play. It provides a safe and secure environment in which individuals can practice what they learn. And, practice with others who need to learn these skills also. This allows for the building of confidence in using helpful skill sets learned in therapy. This way, individuals can work to integrate these skill sets into their own lives and relationships outside of therapy.

You’re Not Alone in Getting Help

Finally, group therapy allows individuals to understand and embrace the fact that they aren’t alone in getting help. And, that it’s okay to ask for help when you need it. Sure, everyone has experiences and feelings that are personal to their own lives. But, when we come together to share what we learn, we can find that we aren’t that different. And, that the issues we face may all be alarmingly similar to individuals in group therapy sessions. Thus, allowing for the acceptance that we are not alone in our quest to get help and healing. Therefore, reducing feelings of isolation, loneliness, and hopelessness amongst people getting help for mental health issues.

Group Therapy Sessions from Delray Center for Healing

Delray Center for Healing believes that group therapy is an integral part of treatment for a number of mental health issues. And, can even help individuals who may believe that this type of therapy isn’t for them. That’s why we offer a number of group sessions that touch on a number of valuable topics and teach assistive techniques that can be utilized outside of therapy sessions.

Learn more about our group therapy sessions and the services available at our locations right from our website. And, give us a call to speak with one of our mental health specialists today at 888-699-5679.