All About Our Depression Treatment Program

Here at The Delray Center, we have treatment for depression with our depression program. All about our depression treatment program, depression is a very serious condition that happens to people sometimes. There are many things in life such as situations, experiences, or an unnatural imbalance in the brain that can cause depression.

Certain situations such as addiction can lead to depression. In this circumstance, depression arises from the helplessness the person feels being a “slave” to their addiction. All about our depression program, certain experiences can also lead to depression. These experiences can arise from abuse, emotional abuse, and the death of a loved one. A depression treatment program can help with this condition and help turn the person’s life around.

How Does Depression Develop?

An unnatural imbalance can happen to anyone. Studies have shown that people suffering from depression have imbalances of neurotransmitters in their brains. Lack of serotonin is the cause of this imbalance. This could receive treatment in a couple of different ways. In all about our depression program, medication could be prescribed, certain activities could be done to lighten your mood and counseling.

The CDC says that depression affects 1 in 10 US adults. Knowing the signs of depression will help either yourself or a loved one understand that they might have a depression problem. People who are depressed feel fatigued all the time because they either sleep too much or sleep too little. Experts claim this is one of the major symptoms of depression.

Getting the Help You Need

Difficulty concentrating and irritability can arise from lack of sleep or too much sleep caused by depression. Depression can fill your mind with negative thoughts which you constantly think about and this will distract you from everyday life. Anger, hostility, and anxiety are also major signs of depression. All about our depression treatment program, these symptoms could arise from the coalescing of other symptoms such as sleep problems and negative thoughts.

If you or your loved one have some of these symptoms, contact the Delray Center for Healing to learn all about our depression program. We can help.