Some Benefits of Massage Therapy You May Not Know

Massage is something that’s known for one universal thing – relaxation. But, it’s actually useful for more than just that. Massage therapy has many benefits, relaxation is just one of them. Here at Delray Center for Healing, we believe in the many benefits of massage therapy. That’s why we offer it at our locations to patients looking to gain from the many advantages that massage therapy can offer.

Massage Therapy Can Improve Immune Function

Massage works by stimulating the muscles, releasing tension and stress. So, it has many benefits for people who may be living with high levels of stress. When tension and stress are at high levels in the body, one is at a higher risk for illness and injury. But, massage can actually help to improve immune function, helping to reduce the risk of illness and injury. In fact, in preliminary studies by the NIH, massage therapy was shown to increase immune cell circulation and production.

It Can Help You Get Better Sleep

Many people with a mental health diagnosis may live with symptoms that affect the quality of sleep. For example, people diagnosed with depression, anxiety disorders, ADD/ADHD, and bipolar disorder may struggle with insomnia. Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, they may struggle with sleeping too much. As built-up tension and stress are released through massage, it may help those who would otherwise have trouble getting a healthy sleep routine.

And Can Improve Blood Circulation

Most of the benefits of massage therapy are physical, and one of these includes blood circulation improvement. Good blood circulation ensures that our organs get enough oxygen, allowing them to function properly. When blood circulation isn’t at it’s finest, we’re at risk for injury and illness. So, massage can actually promote healthy body function by improving blood circulation. Furthermore, massaging muscle tissue allows for the release of lactic acid. Thus, refining our body’s natural waste elimination, the lymphatic system. In turn, helping to keep organs running efficiently and keeping blood pressure down.

It Can Help With Pain

Specifically, massage can reduce and even eliminate pain due to injury and muscle soreness. As mentioned, massage helps to improve blood circulation, giving tissue the necessary blood it needs. This stimulates the healing of muscles, eventually eliminating the cause of pain altogether. Furthermore, this type of therapy manipulates muscle. So, it can also help with flexibility and even limit swelling. All around, massage can be a great asset to a wide range of individual needs, whether they be those with physical injuries or struggling with muscle soreness.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Massage Therapy at Delray Center

Massage therapy is available for individuals at Delray Center for Healing living with pain and mental health diagnoses. We offer this service in congruence with other approaches to provide individualized treatment programs, completely customized to your needs.

Check out some of the other services available at our center today. And, contact us to learn more about our high-end massage therapy services, provided by our experienced, licensed Delray Center Massage Therapists today.