Delray Center has given me hope for the first time!

When I first came in I wanted to quit drinking. This was my only goal. The Delray Center has helped me so much more. They have far exceeded my expectations. I’m getting great support from the staff and the clients in so many areas of my life.  I have not had a drink in 6 weeks, but I also feel good. I think the overall experience is really what makes the Delray Center so wonderful. It isn’t only one thing. I don’t think the experience would be the same without the comprehensive treatment program; which offers physical, mental, emotional, & medical support. The care support, therapists, Doctor’s, and group leaders are all amazing. They are very informative, helpful, and supportive.  I think the staff is really what makes it so peaceful and has given me a safe feeling. I also like that there is a program to support the kids as well. The Delray Center has given me hope for a happy life for the 1st time in my life. I feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer an oncoming train! I set out to stop drinking so I could be a good Mom, but never thought I could actually be happy or enjoy life. I would absolutely recommend the Delray Center to someone.

Kat Q. – Delray Beach, FL