Eating Disorder Treatment Delray Beach: A Needed Response to a Deadly Epidemic

Tens of millions of Americans struggle with binge eating, bulimia, and anorexia. 0.9 percent of women and 0.3 percent of men will struggle with anorexia sometime in their life; 1.5 percent of women and 0.5 percent of men will struggle with bulimia at some point. 3.5 percent of women will contract binge eating disorder, as well as two percent of men. Of all the mental illnesses a person could have, eating disorders are the most deadly. That’s why treatment Delray Beach programs are so valuable.

What to Expect

If you or someone you love enters an eating disorder treatment Delray Beach program, you can expect a personalized treatment approach that will take your unique needs into account. Unlike some treatment programs, our eating disorder treatment Delray Beach program lets you stay in therapy until you’re fully recovered and ready to go home. If we feel you’re in medical danger when you enter our eating disorder treatment Delray Beach program, we’ll put you under strict medical supervision until your weight and general health have improved enough to participate in our comprehensive eating disorder treatment Delray Beach program.

Types of Support

Eating disorder treatment varies somewhat depending on the specific disorder a patient is suffering from. Anorexia treatment, for example, relies on restoring the patient to a healthy weight through nutritional counseling and meal support. Meanwhile, providing psychotherapy to help the patient work through psychological and emotional issues related to food. And learn to eliminate the thoughts and behaviors that lead to disordered eating. Bulimia and binge-eating treatment also rely heavily on intensive psychotherapy and dietary changes to help the patient maintain healthy body weight and develop a healthy attitude towards food and eating. At our treatment Delray Beach program, you’ll work one-on-one with a therapist who can help you repair your self-image and learn to feed yourself properly again.

Getting the Help You Need Today

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