End Food Addiction at Our Food Rehab Centers

Food addiction is real – it occurs because fatty, salty, and sugary foods stimulate the brain to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of pleasure and reward. The mechanism behind food addiction is nature’s way of encouraging us to seek out the nutrients we need to survive in a harsh environment where fatty, salty or sugary foods are scarce – but now that we no longer need to depend on foraging and hunting for every meal, facilities like our food rehab centers have become a necessity.

Do You Need Help from Our Food Rehab Centers?

If you compulsively eat certain foods, and can’t control your eating, you may need help from our food rehab centers. People who suffer from food addiction eat even when they’re not hungry. They may go out of their way to get ahold of the specific foods they want to eat. And, may feel ashamed of or guilty about their eating and try to hide it. They may have no control over their eating and may frequently eat more than they intended. Their eating may interfere with their ability to perform at school or work, or with their family responsibilities.

If this sounds like you, our food rehab centers can help you unlearn your addictive eating behaviors and replace them with new ones.

Treating Food Addiction

If the counselors at our food rehab centers determine that you suffer from food addiction, your treatment will involve counseling, nutritional changes, and exercise. At our food rehab centers, we place a great deal of emphasis on holistic treatment modalities, and we believe that alternative therapies, like acupuncture, reiki, and yoga, can have immense value for the treatment of food addictions and other mental health and behavioral conditions.

You’ll undergo counseling to work through the emotional issues behind your food addiction. At the same time, you’ll identify your trigger foods and work with our nutritionist to develop a realistic diet plan. We’ll also help you develop an exercise plan that works for you.

You don’t have to live with the burden of food addiction. Call our food rehab centers at 1-888-699-5679 now to start your new life.