The Goals of Family Therapy in Treatment for Mental Health

If you and your family are dealing with difficult times, you may be looking for help. Family therapy is a tool used in mental health treatment aimed to help families and couples deal with internal issues. And, develop communication, coping skills, and boundaries to maintain healthy family roles. Here at Delray Center for Healing, we offer family and couples counseling to support individuals living with a variety of mental health and relationship issues. So, find out if the goals of family therapy align with the goals you have for your family relationships to understand if this service may be helpful for you.

Exploring What Family Therapy Is

Family support is crucial to the success of mental health treatment. With support from loved ones, individuals have a better opportunity to maintain motivation for recovery and treatment initiatives. Furthermore, for many individuals, family issues can hinder treatment advancement. Fortunately, family therapy is a helpful tool that helps to both strengthen family support and address and overcome family issues during mental health treatment.

Family therapy is a psychiatric approach that entails therapeutic sessions including a family unit or intimate relationship and a clinical psychologist. During sessions, individuals in a family can interact with one another and the psychologist in a controlled environment. And, work on both addressing familial issues and developing new, healthy skill sets in order to promote a healthy family structure.

Rather than pointing fingers and blame, family therapy allows for the identifying and addressing of issues as a unit. And, suggests healthy ways to change negative patterns of behavior and communication.

Who can Benefit From Family Therapy?

Families and relationships of all kinds, experiencing all types of issues, can benefit from family therapy sessions. Here at Delray Center for Healing, we typically include family therapy for clients who typically show positive outcomes as a result of the improved support that family therapy can offer. These clients include individuals diagnosed with eating disorders, trauma or PTSD, and substance abuse disorders. However, individuals don’t necessarily need a mental health diagnosis to take advantage of family therapy sessions.

Family therapy helps to benefit families and relationships who:

  • have children or teens struggling with eating disorders, substance abuse, or other mental health issues
  • experienced a traumatic situation like the death of a family member(s), natural disaster, crime, or incarceration of a family member(s)
  • have individuals who have experienced abuse (either sexual, physical, or emotional)
  • are experiencing the divorce process or have already gone through a divorce
  • experience parental issues (for example, assigning the roles of child-caring for divorced couples)
  • are having trouble adjusting to new environments or additional individuals within the family dynamic
  • deal with infertility
  • are experiencing the misbehavior of one or more children

If you think that your family or relationship can benefit from family therapy, it’s important to choose a mental health provider that instills this type of therapy into treatment. Certainly, comprehensive mental health treatment facilities, like Delray Center for Healing, often offer a number of therapies. This is in order to treat individuals dealing with all kinds of situations, issues, and illnesses as well as their families.

The Goals of Family Therapy

Wondering how you and your family will benefit from family therapy? Overall, the goal of this type of therapy is to work on building a better quality family dynamic. This is done by helping to:

  • set better boundaries
  • establish healthy communicative techniques
  • address and overcome familial or relationship problems
  • allowing for the sharing of emotions between family members
  • educate about family dynamics to assist with addressing family issues
  • promote understanding to stimulate healing

Get Help From Family Therapy Sessions at a Delray Center for Healing Location

The goals of family therapy can help families dealing with all sorts of issues and situations. Find out more about the outpatient family therapy services available at the locations of Delray Center for Healing.

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