How Much Do Ketamine Treatments Cost?

More people are realizing and embracing ketamine than ever before. Ketamine infusions have been known to significantly improve a range of mental disorders, from chronic pain to depression. But unfortunately, it’s still awaiting FDA approval in the treatment of these disorders. That means that most insurance plans won’t cover the treatment. So if you’re wondering about ketamine treatment cost, whether you can afford them, and if they’re worth it, here’s what you need to know.

The cost of ketamine infusions ranges from about $400 to $2000 for each session depending on the location, the clinic, and what it’s treating.

Ketamine For Depression

The good news for those looking for a treatment alternative to medication or therapy, ketamine infusions for depression is some of the lowest in price. That’s because ketamine infusions are quicker and don’t have to be as highly concentrated.

Ketamine IV infusions for depression usually cost between $400-$800 per treatment on average.

Most clinics do a series of 6 treatments over 2-3 weeks or 4 treatments over 1-2 weeks. Depending on the clinic, they may require full payment upfront for a full set of infusions.

Ketamine For Pain

Ketamine treatments for pain management are a little more expensive. That’s due to the fact that more of the drug is used per infusion and these infusions last longer. Some doctors do a single infusion, while others prefer a series of infusions.

Ketamine infusions for pain cost between $700-$2000 per treatment on average.

Treating Other Conditions

Ketamine infusions are can also be helpful in treating other mental health conditions such as OCD and PTSD. The infusion length and dosing strategies will differ for each condition and individual. The prices are on par with ketamine depression treatments though.

Ketamine infusions for other mental health conditions cost around $400-$800 per treatment on average.


Identifying Ketamine Treatment Cost | Ketamine for Depression

It’s unfortunate that insurance companies don’t cover ketamine infusions. Hopefully, this will change in the future so that more people are able to benefit from this treatment. Many clinics offer payment plans to help people fund it. Feel free to contact us to learn more about ketamine infusions or to discuss payment options.