Food Addiction in South Florida

Food addiction in South Florida is a tough thing to deal with, as food is everywhere and easily obtainable. In fact, food helps us stay alive as it is a human’s primary nutrient source for bodily functions. For instance, processes and neurological functioning. When someone eats food they don’t normally eat it in order to deal with a problem or a mental disorder, they eat it because they have to and that it also tastes good. Wondering how to break food addiction? Delray Center for Healing offers treatment that can help those living with this addiction.

Why Food Addiction Develops

Sometimes though, instead of using drugs to deal with their issues, people may either overeat or not eat much of anything at all in order to cope with various issues. This food addiction in South Florida, and across America affects millions of people each year. The main types of food addiction in South Florida are usually Anorexia and Bulimia. Both conditions cause bad health eventually. Anorexia is the lack of eating food and just starving yourself to thinness. This will cause a lot of muscle and bone loss, and contribute to low levels of energy and overall weakness. The media and society have pushed a skinny image for years, and some people will go to extreme lengths to get thin.

Help for Those Who Need It

Unfortunately, women and younger people develop anorexia due to these pressures. Our food addiction in South Florida program is available to help you overcome this disease and get back to a normal life. Bulimia on the other hand is consuming a lot of food and then expelling it either through laxatives or throwing up the food. This is bad to the health as it can cause ulcers and rot your teeth due to the acid in the stomach constantly coming into contact with them.

To get help with these and other food addiction behaviors, contact us as soon as possible.