Ketamine Could Be Licensed for Depression Treatment Very Soon

Ketamine is one of the oldest drugs still used today, but after years of being used solely as an anesthetic and illicit street drug, it is now having a revival as an alternative depression treatment. But, are these alternative treatments for depression successful?

What is Ketamine and How Can it Help?

Ketamine works quickly and effectively at improving depression symptoms as well as other mental illnesses. So far, ketamine has not yet gotten FDA approval for depression treatment although more doctors are using it for that.

Now, a form of ketamine is processing for “licensed to treat depression within the next 18 months”. Clinical trials have shown that ketamine is ten times more effective than current traditional medications at treating treatment-resistant depression.

If ketamine gets approval, this will be the first time in 35 years that a new drug gets approval to treat depression.

Alternative Treatments for Depression at Delray Center for Wellness

Ketamine as Alternative Treatments for Depression | Delray Center

Depression impacts roughly one out of five people in their lives. This is a shocking number of people, and depression medication has had little advancements since hitting the market. Traditional medications not only don’t work for everyone, but they also have side effects. Overall, ketamine based medications for depression could open a new door.