Ketamine Infusions for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrom (CRPS) is an uncommon and not well-understood disorder, but it’s one of the most painful conditions out there. CRPS is when a portion of the body, usually starting in a limb, manifests extreme pain, swelling, reducing the range of motion, and changing the skin and bones. It usually develops when recovering from an injury, such as a sprain, fracture, or minor surgery.

Treatment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

CRPS is difficult to diagnose and equally as difficult to treat. A range of treatments, such as medicine, physical and occupational therapy, and psychological treatments are helpful. Treatment is most effective when it begins early, but it can be unsatisfactory. But, ketamine infusion therapy might open up new doors.

If you’ve been diagnosed with CRPS, your doctors will want to try more traditional treatments first. Although ketamine is becoming more popular, many still think of it as an alternative treatment. However, if traditional treatments such as psychotherapy and physical therapy aren’t helping, talk to your doctor about starting ketamine therapy.

Research suggests that Complex Regional Pain Syndrome starts with changes in the central nervous system. These changes signal pain in the body as even small stimuli cause out of proportion pain. Ketamine is a potent anesthetic, which works on nerve cell receptors. It basically works by blocking these nerve cells from firing, thus decreasing the amount of pain.

Ketamine therapy isn’t for everyone. As with any treatment, there are risks and side effects. Make sure to talk to your doctor before beginning ketamine infusions. A ketamine clinic will ask for a full medical history, including all current conditions and medications you are taking. It’s important to be completely honest with the medical staff, even if that means you’re ineligible for the treatment.

Ketamine Infusions for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

If you’re interested in learning more about ketamine infusions or think it may help with CRPS, feel free to contact us!