How Ketamine Therapy for Depression Works to Ease Symptoms

Ketamine therapy for depression is a recently discovered, effective method for people dealing with symptoms of depression that aren’t easily treated by traditional methods including medication and therapy. Many people live with the debilitating symptoms of depression for years before finding a treatment that works for them. And, ketamine therapy has given many who may have otherwise given up on finding a successful depression treatment the easily accessible solution they need to manage symptoms and live out lives of mental wellbeing.

Wondering if ketamine therapy is something that you or a loved one struggling with a depressive disorder may benefit from? Find out more about this treatment approach for depression, who it’s right for, and if you may be a good candidate today.

The Importance of a New Type of Depression Treatment

According to the CDC, over 8% of Americans (throughout a time period of two weeks) over the age of 20 struggle with depression. And, over 80% of these people living with depression have some type of debilitating symptoms that interfere with social, work, and everyday life. But, while there are successful ways to address depression and manage depression, not everyone who lives with the symptoms of depression gets effective results from traditional treatments. In fact, according to studies, over 30% of people living with depression don’t get the results they want or need from traditional depression treatments like therapy and prescribed psychiatric medications. This presents a need for alternative treatments that people living with treatment-resistant depression can use to receive effective relief from depression symptoms.

Ketamine therapy is an alternative treatment that’s effective in helping people living with treatment-resistant depression who have tried other, traditional treatments with little to no success.

The Effectiveness of Ketamine Therapy for Depression

It’s found that ketamine therapy for depression is extremely successful. According to government findings, people who are living with depression and use ketamine as an alternative treatment see an improvement in depressive and anxiety symptoms in as little as two weeks. And, many of these individuals even experience symptom relief after their first treatment. So, ketamine infusion therapy is a successful treatment that should be considered, especially for people who have tried other types of therapy or treatment without experiencing the symptom relief they need or expect.

What to Expect From Ketamine Therapy for Depression

Ketamine therapy is typically administered by infusions. This means that ketamine is administered through IV. This allows the doses to be carefully monitored and administered into the body slowly at specific, low doses. Ketamine therapy usually takes about 30 minutes to administer, and the number of treatments an individual may need depends upon individual diagnoses and treatment planning. But, typically, individuals start experiencing symptom relief in just a few sessions. And symptom relief can last for many weeks and even a few months.

Ketamine Therapy Available at Delray Center for Healing

Delray Center for Healing offers outpatient depression treatment for individuals living with depressive symptoms including those experienced with diagnoses like Major Depressive Disorder and other mood disorders. Our outpatient services allow people living with these conditions to get the help they need without having to uproot their lives to attain residential treatments. Learn more about how we aim to help people living with various mental health issues on our website.