Learning More About Help for Major Depressive Disorder

A mental disorder characterized by low self-esteem combined with an all-encompassing low mood. Additionally, a loss of interest in normally enjoyable activities is another characteristic of major depressive disorder (MDD). Fortunately, there are effective major depressive disorder treatments available for those living with MDD.

Causes of MDD

While the understanding of the nature and cause of this disorder has evolved over centuries, a full understanding is still incomplete leaving many aspects of depression as the subject of discussion and research.  Proposed causes include psychological, hereditary, evolutionary, and biological factors. In addition, certain types of prolonged drug us can both cause and worsen depression.

MDD is a disabling condition that adversely affecting a person’s family, work, sleeping, and eating habits. In the United States alone, close to 4% of people suffering from MDD commit suicide and it is reported that 60% of people who commit suicide are suffering from depression or another mood disorder.

Major Depressive Disorder Treatments

Treatable with psychotherapy, usually on an outpatient basis, most depressive episodes resolve over time.  Studies show that 80% of those suffering from an MDD episode will suffer from at least 1 more during their life. And, have an average of 4 episodes during their lifetime.