Tips for Coping With and Managing Holiday Depression

The holidays can bring about a number of emotions and stress that can bring about depressive episodes in people struggling with depressive disorders. While the holidays are a reason to celebrate for many, this doesn’t mean that mental health issues take a backseat. In fact, for a lot of people, the holidays can trigger symptoms of mental health issues like depressive disorder. So, if you’re struggling with holiday depression, you’re not alone. However, fortunately, there are some things you can do to better cope with depressive disorders during this time of year.

Some tips to utilize in order to cope with holiday depression include:

Remember That You Can Always Say No

Overwhelming yourself by placing unrealistic expectations on doing everything you can this holiday season can be a trigger for depressive episodes. It can be highly stressful to take on such a busy schedule during the holidays – trying to make everyone happy and going to all of the activities, parties, and celebrations. But, remember that you can always so no. Try to prioritize what is the most important for you to engage in this holiday season. And, only attend and participate in the things that matter to you most. This way, you don’t have to worry about becoming too overworked and overwhelmed which can help you take better care of your mental state during this busy time of year. Finally, don’t feel obligated to say “yes” to anyone or anything, especially if something may become a trigger for a depressive episode.

Take Care of Yourself With Self-care

Self-care is the act of taking care of one’s own needs and mental health. There are many ways to practice self-care, but it can be harder to prioritize these things when you’re dealing with symptoms of mental health issues like depression. So, before the holidays, make it a point to practice self-care every day. This can include making sure to take care of general hygiene, establishing a sleeping schedule, getting exercise, going outside for walks, journaling your feelings, mindfulness meditation, breathing techniques, etc. When you’re active about preventing issues with mental health, they’re more likely to become manageable when or if they occur this upcoming holiday season.

Get Ready to Use Coping Strategies

When you’re prepared for a challenge, you’ll be more ready to deal with it head-on. So, before the holidays begin, it can be to your advantage to anticipate stress and stressful situations. But, along with anticipating stress and stressful situations, it can also be helpful to know what to do in these situations. For example, coming up with coping strategies that aid you in overcoming stress or anxiety. Some examples of coping mechanisms you can try include removing yourself from a stressful situation, reaching out to friends and loved ones, taking breaks from social media, and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

Reaching Out for Help With Holiday Depression

The holidays shouldn’t prevent you from getting the help you need. There is always help available to you at Delray Center for Healing if you are struggling with the impacts of holiday depression. Find out more about our programs and services on our website. And, reach out to us today to speak with a mental health professional about getting the help you need this holiday season.