When Seizures Aren’t Epilepsy & Non Epileptic Seizures Treatment

Did you know that seizures aren’t always the result of epilepsy? There are a number of types of seizure disorders, but those which aren’t classified as being developed as a result of epilepsy are known as non epileptic seizures. Non epileptic seizures are still seizures, and those living with these types of seizures experience the same symptoms as those who live with seizures caused by epilepsy. Fortunately, those living with non eplipetic seizures can get help through non epileptic seizures treatment, which addresses underlying issues which may help address the root causes of these seizures. And, give people the means to live out their lives with mental health wellbeing and less debilitating symptoms as the result of fewer seizures.

Types of Non Epileptic Seizures

The type of non epileptic seizures people may live with are characterized by their causes. There are two types of non epileptic seizures: Psychogenic episodes and Organic non-epileptic episodes. Both of these disorders include seizures that are not developed by irregular brain activity, which is the cause of epileptic seizures.

Causes of Non Epileptic Seizures

The two different types of non epileptic seizures are characterized by their causes. These include:

Psychogenic episodes: These seizures mimic the symptoms of epileptic seizures, but do not showcase the same findings on an EEG used for brain mapping as epileptic seizures. They’re brought on by mental distress including trauma, severe anxiety, panic disorder, and other mental illnesses.

Organic non-epileptic episodes: These seizures also don’t show irregular brain activity on an EEG like epileptic seizures, but have similar symptoms and characteristics. However, the cause of these seizure episodes is physical including issues like diabetes, low blood pressure, or heart-related problems.

The Process of Diagnosing Non Epileptic Seizures

Getting a diagnosis for non epileptic seizure disorders can seem like a grueling and drawn out process. But, that’s because it’s important to identify the causes of seizures so that the correct treatment can be utilized. Essentially, when a person experiences seizures, they’ll initially be tested to determine whether or not the episodes are epileptic, or caused by irregular brain activity. This is done with an EEG, or electroencephalogram, which basically measures brain waves in order to determine whether or not they’re abnormal.

If an EEG doesn’t determine that there is irregular brain activity, your doctor may want to run more tests in order to make sure there is no abnormal brain activity that signifies epileptic seizures. These may include an MRI and a walking EEG, which is an EEG that can monitor brain activity for an extended period of time.

If all of these tests don’t determine any abnormalities with brainwave activity, a diagnosis of non epileptic seizures is made. Then, doctors can begin to understand whether or not these episodes are the result of physical or mental causes. In other words, determining whether episodes are psychogenic or organic.

Non Epileptic Seizures Treatment

When it comes to non epileptic episodes that are brought on by physical causes or organic non-epileptic episodes, physical treatments to tend to the physical issues can help to stop attacks. For example, treating diabetes, low blood pressure, or heart issues with various medications. But, if episodes are determined to be psychogenic, non epileptic seizures treatment may include psychological care in the form of medication and counseling.

For those living with psychogenic episodes, non epileptic seizures treatment at Delray Center for Healing is available. Learn more about how we treat people living with these types of seizures and get help today.