Now You Can Get Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Delray Beach

Binge eating disorder is characterized by bouts of uncontrollable overeating. Unlike bulimia, these periods of bingeing are not followed by attempts to purge through vomiting, abuse of laxatives, or excessive exercising. Learn more about our program for eating disorder treatment Delray Beach.

What is Binge Eating Disorder?

At our eating disorder treatment Delray Beach facility, we often encounter people who struggle with binge eating disorder. This eating disorder causes people to compulsively overeat huge amounts of food – a binge eater may consume thousands of calories in a single episode of eating.

A person with binge eating disorder does not vomit, fast, exercise excessively, or use laxatives to purge after an episode of overeating.

Signs You Need Our Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Delray Beach Program

You may be overweight, obese, or of normal weight and still be in need of our program. People who suffer from binge eating disorder are ashamed of their eating binges and often binge eats only in secret. You need help from our program if you:

  • Eat large amounts of food quickly
  • Can’t control or stop your eating
  • Eat despite being full
  • Hide food to eat secretly later
  • Overeat only when alone
  • Have no mealtimes, but eat throughout the day
  • Eat to relieve tension or stress
  • Are ashamed or embarrassed by how much you eat
  • Can never seem to feel satisfied by the amount you’ve eaten
  • Feel numb while binge-eating
  • Feel guilty, sad or disgusted with yourself after an eating binge
  • Have a desperate need to control your weight

Treatment that Puts Your Needs First

Without treating, binge eating disorder can lead to obesity and all of its associated health problems. But with our program, you can develop a healthy relationship with food and find appropriate ways to cope with your emotions.

To learn more about our eating disorder treatment Delray Beach program and what it can do for you, call 1-888-699-5679 now.