How to Overcome Depressive Episodes When You Sense Them Coming

People who have experienced depression or are diagnosed with a mood disorder like Major Depressive Disorder may be able to recognize when a depressive episode is up ahead. For these individuals, it can be helpful to know what to do when depressive episodes are near so that they aren’t as severe, last as long, or lead to any unwanted or lasting symptoms. There are some things people who know that a depressive episode is brewing can do for the best interest of their mental and physical health including:

Make Sure to Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is crucial for healthy brain functioning. Symptoms of mental health issues have a lot do to with the brain – especially symptoms of depressive disorder. When we aren’t feeling our best or we are feeling like a depressive episode may be around the corner, it’s crucial to get enough sleep. This way, we give our brains the opportunity to function at their best. On the other hand, sleep deprivation can actually promote symptoms of depressive disorders. So, what you may need to combat a depressive episode is just more sleep. Either way, making sure to get enough sleep is helpful if you’re feeling down.

Don’t Forget to Eat Healthy Meals and Foods

It can be comforting to pick up sugary or unwhole foods when we’re not feeling our best. But, it’s important, during these moments especially, that we’re choosing healthy foods. And, making healthy meals for ourselves. Giving our bodies the best fuel with healthy, nutritious foods can make all the difference during a depressive episode. Providing our bodies with proper nutrients can help our brains fight off depressive symptoms and overcome episodes of depression.

Take Yourself Outside and in Nature

Being outside can help improve mood immensely. For example, the sun hitting our skin can actually help to promote the release of Vitamin D in our bodies, which is a crucial part of how we manage moods. Being outside and in nature can also help to promote mindfulness, which can help to alleviate stress and anxiety that may be causing a build-up of depressive emotions. So, if you’re starting to feel down, don’t just sit around – get outside and point out things in nature that you’re grateful for.

Try Exercising to Boost Hormone Releasing Chemicals

Exercising is a great way to promote functional mood management. When we exercise, our bodies release endorphins that can actually help us to better manage our moods. This can be of assistance for people who are experiencing depressive episodes or are starting to feel one coming on. Exercising doesn’t have to mean sprinting for miles – it can be a simple walk around your neighborhood. Whatever exercise you choose, make sure it’s something you enjoy!

Reach Out for Help During Depressive Episodes at Delray Center for Healing

Another thing you can do if you feel that a depressive episode is on the rise is to reach out to professionals for support. Sometimes, you can do everything that’s listed above and still experience symptoms of depression. In this case, it’s best to get the support you need through treatment services. Delray Center for Healing offers outpatient treatment so that individuals living through depressive episodes can get the care they need without uprooting their lives and schedule. Find out more about our treatment services and programs from our website.