Depression Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many individuals struggling with mood disorders such as depression also suffer from conditions such as anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, substance abuse disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder. These conditions can all serve as mood disorder triggers for relapse and left untreated, which will usually prevent a successful recovery. When multiple conditions or disorders exist for a patient, this is considered to be a dual diagnosis. Proper diagnosis and treatment are essential. Here at Delray Center for Healing, we offer a number of depression treatment options for all people affected by depression, including a depression dual diagnosis program.

The Need for Dual Diagnosis Programs for People with Depression

When a person living with depression disorders doesn’t get help for other concurring disorders, the chance of relapse is substantially higher. This is because, while an individual may learn coping skills and obtain treatment for depression, they aren’t treating the other disorder(s). So, when the symptoms of the concurring disorder(s) arise, the individual may utilize self-medication or self-soothing techniques that are reverting behaviors of what they learned through depression treatment. And, this can lead to a recession in mental health, resulting in long term depression and depressive episodes. Therefore, it’s important to address all mental health issues during depression treatment. This way, an individual can learn and utilize ALL the skills and treatments that are beneficial to their needs. And, continue to manage their mental wellbeing without such a high risk for relapse.

Depression and Substance Abuse Disorder

One of the most common dual diagnosis issues is the combination of depression and substance abuse disorder. For these individuals, treatment will begin with detoxing to gain sobriety first. This way, these individuals have a chance to develop the skills they’ll need to remain sober while getting help for concurring depression. And, be better suited to remain on the path of healing.

Substance abuse is common for people living with depression as using drugs or alcohol is an attempt to self-medicate the symptoms of depression. Whether a person just is too ashamed or embarrassed to get medical help with depression or they truly think using drugs or alcohol makes them feel better, with each use, dependence grows stronger. Thus, leading to the cycle of addiction for these individuals.

Fortunately, the tools and methods in dual diagnosis programs are helpful. Specifically, for individuals living with both depression and substance abuse disorders. And, those who address both issues congruently are given better odds at remaining sober and maintaining recovery.

Dual Diagnosis at The Delray Center for Healing

At the Delray Center for Healing, we recognize the complexities of identifying and treating clients with multiple conditions and disorders. We offer a specialized and comprehensive approach to treatment. This treatment incorporates input from our multi-disciplined team of Doctors and Therapists and the very latest in medical science. Each unique treatment program tailors to the needs of the client, not the condition or disorder. Thus, providing for a simultaneous and complete recovery. Treatment incorperates into a fully comprehensive outpatient mood disorder program.

The Benefits of Choosing Help Through a Dual Diagnosis Program

  • The Depression Dual Diagnosis Treatment includes the following benefits:
  • Every client receives individual attention from a specialized treatment team of highly qualified and experienced professionals
  • All programs have a design that works to flow seamlessly into our aftercare programs
  • Clients have access to a full range of services that address all of their physical, mental and spiritual needs
  • Delray Center clients that have completed one of our comprehensive programs experience a high rate of long-term success

Find out more about our depression treatment options and our treatment methods from our website. Or, give us a call so we can talk to you personally about how we can help. Please dial 888-699-5679 today.

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