Addiction Treatment

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Outpatient Addiction Treatment at The Delray Center

Whether you are dealing with addiction issues for the first time, or you are continuing care after a residential program, outpatient addiction treatment is essential to ensuring long term recovery. Non-inpatient treatment such as partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs are arguably the most important form of addiction treatment: For those who have never needed treatment before, outpatient treatment works as an early intervention before the addiction worsens to the point that it is causes irreparable damage. For those who have recently completed inpatient detox or residential treatment, outpatient services provides a bridge to help the individual integrate back into their day-to-day lives.

The misconception many people have is that addiction can be corrected with only a short-term stay in an inpatient facility. In reality, substance use disorders are chronic illnesses that requires long-term care, often consisting of individual therapy, psychiatry, clinical programming, and peer support, in order to prevent relapse.

What Makes Addiction Treatment at The Delray Center for Healing Different?

The most successful relapse prevention treatments are those that can be reliably sustained over a long period of time. In order for this to be possible, outpatient treatment must be cost effective, time efficient, and clinically rigorous. The addiction treatment program at the Delray Center for Healing was specifically designed with all of these needs in mind. Individual and group therapy are structured to accommodate most work and school schedules, so that program patients can receive treatment without missing work or family obligations. This helps clients engage in the treatment process longer, while also allowing them to practice the skills learned in treatment in their everyday lives.

The addiction treatment program at The Delray Center for Healing incorporates several different medical and therapeutic treatment modalities, and every program is customized to fit the individual’s needs. Our addiction treatment combines intensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) with cutting-edge medical treatments, specialized addiction psychiatry and medicine, and a holistic approach that includes nutrition and fitness, in order to treat our clients mind, body, and soul.

Addiction Treatment Options:

Addiction Partial Hospitalization Program:

The Delray Center for Healing offers full-time day treatment (PHP) for addiction at our center in downtown Delray Beach, Florida. Our program features one-on-one medical care, intensive psychotherapy, and a variety of holistic treatments to promote healing and prevent relapse.

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Addiction Intensive Outpatient Program:

The Delray Center for Healing offers part-time treatment (IOP) for addiction at our center in downtown Delray Beach, Florida. Our program features psychiatric care, individual psychotherapy, case management and group programming to help developing healthy coping skills.

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Outpatient Detox:

The Delray Center for Healing offers the latest treatments for outpatient detoxification from alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, methadone, and all other abusable substances.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Addiction:

The clinical team at The Delray Center for Healing are intensively trained in DBT by the Linehan Institute, founded by Marsha Linehan, the creator of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. DBT’s emphasis on mindfulness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation help clients manage stressors and develop healthy coping skills.

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SMART Recovery:

The Delray Center offers free and open SMART (Self Management And Recovery Training) Recovery meetings at our community hub in downtown Delray Beach.

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