Couples & Family Therapy

Couples & Family Therapy in Delray Beach

Individual or group therapy often leads to the discovery of issues with family and friends that need to be addressed in a structured and supportive environment. Mental health and substance use disorders affect the entire family system, and can cause damage to relationships with spouses, parents, and children. Untreated mental illness can be stressful and even traumatic to those closest to the person afflicted. At the Delray Center for Healing, our mission is to provide recovery to the entire family unit. The Delray Center is proud to offer individual, couples and family therapy not only to those with mental health issues, but also to their families and loved ones.

Couples therapy and family therapy are two of the services available at our mental health center in Delray Beach, Florida. Couples and family therapy are efficient and effective ways of changing unhealthy family dynamics, rather than attempting to resolve issues without professional help. Family and friends can strongly influence overall mental health improvement, so when the family unit starts to disintegrate, everyone suffers. Dr. Rodriguez and our highly skilled team of therapists help each member of the family identify the ways that they can contribute to the familial healing process, and assist in successfully processing existing issues. Using different therapeutic techniques, including our DBT family skills, our team helps families improve communication and reconnect with one another.

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The challenges that families with issues like mental illness face are complex and multifaceted. At the Delray Center, we believe that family support and education is essential to the treatment of mental health disorders. We also understand the impact that untreated mental illness and substance abuse can take on the entire family. Providing consultations and ongoing therapy to the family not only helps them heal, but ensures the best possible outcome for both client and family.

At the Delray Center, our staff is highly experienced in family counseling for mood disorders, trauma, and personality disorders. By using various therapeutic modalities, dysfunction within the family system can be eased through the creation of sincere dialogue, facilitated by a trained mediator. Going through therapy as a couple or as a family brings everyone closer together. Family therapy is a very important part of resolving underlying issues and building a support network for the loved one suffering from mental illness.

Family Psychiatry Consultations at the Delray Center

The quality of family involvement and support heavily contributes to success during recovery from a mental health disorder.  Throughout the entire treatment process, members of our clinical team will be available to provide coaching and support. We offer many mental health resources geared towards helping the entire family, including psycho-educational groups, adolescent therapy, and support groups, to help each member of the family system face the challenges associated with mental illness. By educating and supporting each member of the family system, we ensure a well-rounded family recovery.

The journey towards family recovery begins with a consultation with our Medical Director & Founder, Raul J. Rodriguez, MD, or one of our other specialist psychiatrists. Dr. Rodriguez is a double board-certified psychiatrist who provides consultations to couples and families with a member suffering from mental illness. Based on the family consultation, Dr. Rodriguez creates a custom treatment plan that includes both individual and family therapy for our clients and their family members.

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The Delray Center For Healing offers Couples and Family Therapy as one of the most comprehensive outpatient depression treatment programs in the country.


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