Massage Therapy

The Delray Center for Healing recognizes the many healing properties to the art of massage therapy. We offer this treatment to complement our other services as it addresses muscle pain, anxiety and fatigue through deep relaxation and trained massage techniques. Thus, providing individuals a great tool for dealing with a number of psychological symptoms relating to their mental health issues. And, dealing with physical issues which also may be a result of mental health issues.

What is Massage Therapy?

This unique therapy is one of the world’s oldest healing arts. Chinese records dating back 3,000 years document its use. On its own, massage is putting pressure on and manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. During massage therapy, massage is performed by a licensed, trained professional. This helps to bring about the many benefits of massage therapy in a guided setting to allow for the best experience. There are many times of massage, and many may be utilized in massage therapy sessions. The type of massage is usually determined based on a patient’s needs and what they are currently dealing with as far as pain, discomfort, and mental health symptoms.

The varied and far-reaching benefits of massage therapy are widely known. Basically, it includes the use of massage for both its emotional and physical benefits combined. Thus, providing mental health patients the opportunity to utilize these benefits in accordance with how they aid their mental health recovery. And, providing patients ways to incorporate holistic therapies into their treatment plans to promote well being and better mental health.


Evidence shows us that massage therapy is supportive in the treatment of both emotional and physical issues. These benefits may vary from patient to patient. Thus, they aren’t a guarantee for everyone who utilizes it.

Some of the physical benefits include:

  • Can help to reduce back pain
  • Helps to manage knee pain
  • Reduces neck and shoulder pain
  • Can reduce symptoms of Osteoporosis
  • Helps to reduce the frequency of migraines
  • Reduces the severity of cancer symptoms (chronic pain and anxiety)
  • Reduction in chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia

Some of the emotional/mental benefits include:

  • Can reduce symptoms of depression in both mental health and physical health patients
  • Works to alleviate stress
  • Sleep improvement
  • Increases immune system health
  • Helps with physical and emotional awareness
  • Improves concentration
  • And more

Due to the many benefits massage therapy can provide, there’s no wonder why this practice has been around for so long. And, that so many people keep coming back to return on their investment with it. Because of its many mental health benefits, mental health patients dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, and substance abuse can all attempt to use massage therapy. And, here at Delray Center for Healing, can do so in congruence with their other mental health therapies to get the best from all worlds.

Along with offering a number of both physical and emotional benefits, massage therapy also has very little risk for any side effects. This means that anyone can use massage therapy as a tool for their mental health without worrying about negative symptoms.

Massage Therapy at Delray Center for Healing

As an accepted part of many treatment programs, massage helps relieve chronic stress and tension that can lead to disease, illness, and relapse. The Delray Center Massage Therapists are highly skilled and experienced, often coming from high-end spas and hotels.

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The Delray Center For Healing offers Massage Therapy as one of the most comprehensive outpatient depression treatment programs in the country.


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