Personal Training

Physical fitness is absolutely essential in achieving overall health and wellness. Exercise helps fight diseases, enhances mood and builds both muscle and self-discipline. As part of our overall wellness program and many treatment packages, clients receive Personal Training at Performance Fitness & Nutrition, part of Delray Center for Healing’s campus.

  • Performance Fitness and Nutrition offers the benefits of a private fitness studio including state-of-the-art equipment, personalized fitness plans, and one-on-one training
  • Our educated and highly qualified trainers have experience with a variety of cardio, strength and core building techniques to help clients stay motivated as they turn short-term goals into long-term results
  • Both beginners and professional athletes alike will benefit from a unique fitness and nutrition program custom-tailored to their specific needs
  • At Performance Fitness & Nutrition, our goal is to create an inspiring and motivating environment that encourages clients to re-evaluate their capabilities and reach their true physical potential.

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The Delray Center For Healing offers Personal Training as one of the most comprehensive outpatient depression treatment programs in the country.


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