Overcoming Your Social Fears | Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Social anxiety is a debilitating mental health condition that affects a person’s daily life in negative ways. Fortunately, for those affected by this anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder treatment is available and successful in teaching and providing the skills and resources necessary to obtain a healthier lifestyle and mindset. Find out more about this mental health diagnosis to better determine if you or a loved one might be struggling with it and the available treatment options out there for you.

What is Social Anxiety Disorder and What is it Like to Experience?

Social anxiety disorder is a type of anxiety disorder in which a person experiences phobias specific to social events, activities, and scenarios. Due to this social phobia, individuals living with this condition experience challenges with making and maintaining relationships, performing tasks for their careers or education, and attending any type of social events or activities. Essentially, social anxiety can stem from an overwhelming fear of what others think. So, those affected may want to avoid others in order to stay clear of their judgment. However, these fears are over-exaggerated and not rational, so it’s important for people who are living with this condition to get the help they need to live out normal, healthy lives.

Who’s Affected by Social Anxiety Disorder?

While social anxiety disorder can develop at any age, it most commonly develops during adolescence. This is when people begin to learn who they are and are most susceptible to the opinions and ideas of those around them. Furthermore, social anxiety disorder is not rare. In fact, according to statistics from the Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA), about 15 million US citizens are living with this condition. So, it’s something that’s common amongst individuals in our country.

Signs and Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder

Being able to identify some of the signs and symptoms of social anxiety disorder can help people living with this condition and their family members identify this disorder. And, start the search for social anxiety treatment that works for them. Some of the signs and symptoms of social anxiety disorder can include:

  • overly worrying about having to do anything in a social setting
  • being overwhelmed when encountering social settings and experiencing symptoms like hyperventilating, blushing, nausea, increased heart rate, trembling, sweating, and feeling faint
  • avoidance of people, events where people gather, and social settings
  • feelings anxiety and nervousness long before having to do anything socially
  • using drugs or alcohol to reduce nervousness caused by social scenarios or in order to face social settings
  • having fears of embarrassment or seeming nervous/anxious in front of others
  • avoiding personal responsibilities due to social fear including work or school
  • not being able to use public transportation, restrooms, etc. due to social phobia
  • having trouble making phone calls, especially to people that are strangers
  • avoiding eating publicly
  • being challenged to speak up about personal needs

Any person may be nervous about social situations every now and then – that’s normal. However, when a person is consistently challenged, anxious, and stressed about dealing with other people to the point where it debilitates daily life and makes normal tasks challenging, this may be due to social anxiety disorder.

Furthermore, people with social anxiety disorder may not experience every sign or symptom of the condition listed above. They may experience only a few, or they may only experience these symptoms in specific situations. However, across the board, people with this condition experience a fear of negative judgement of others constantly. So, identifying this fear of judgment is key in diagnosing this disorder.

Social Anxiety Treatment at Delray Center for Healing

Do you recognize the signs and symptoms of social anxiety disorder in your life? If so, you may be living with this condition. Fortunately, social anxiety treatment can help you live a life that doesn’t include the negative effects of social phobia. And, develop skills and coping strategies in order to challenge your fears. And, live a normal life free from the symptoms of this condition.

Delray Center for Healing, located in South Florida, offers outpatient treatment services for all types of anxiety disorders, including social anxiety. Learn more about our outpatient services for mental health treatment on our website today.