What are Telemedicine Services and Who Can They Help?

Technology allows us to connect and maintain outreach with others without having to meet face to face. In this day and time, maintaining relationships with the help of technological advances is not only helpful, it’s necessary. Telemedicine services allow for safe communication and data sharing between mental health patients and their medical practitioners. Thus, providing a number of benefits that face-to-face care simply doesn’t.

What is Telemedicine?

First thing’s first; what is telemedicine? Essentially, telemedicine is the providing of mental health services through the aid of technology. This way, patients can get what they need remotely and conveniently. In most cases, telemedicine services are available with the use of a smartphone, tablet, or computer. So, anyone who has internet access and one of these devices can take advantage of the benefits of telemedicine.

Where is Telemedicine Applicable?

Telemedicine services are not only applicable but useful in a number of circumstances. And, can be the catalyst to addressing a number of patient needs. Some of the ways telemedicine services are utilized include:

  • helping in the diagnosis of specific symptoms (ex: migraines, insomnia, etc.)
  • offering a convenient and quick way for patients to ask questions about medications, symptoms, their diagnosis, treatment, and more
  • aiding in the refilling of prescription medications
  • providing access to care with scheduling flexibility
  • offering a means of care for those who cannot get face-to-face care for any reason

The Benefits of Telemedicine Services

Utilizing telemedicine services for mental health care allows for a number of benefits. Some of the benefits of telemedicine include:

Convenience: Without having to set up and take time out of your day for transportation and parking, telemedicine allows you to get the care you need from anywhere. Whether you’re on the road or at home, you can take advantage of telemedicine from wherever you are.

Savings: Telemedicine saves both time and money. Without transportation to and from your mental health provider, you save money on gas as well as time in transit. Furthermore, since providers also save money as telemedicine reduces cancellations, these services are often less costly than traditional services. Thus, giving patients an often less expensive means of care. Finally, as telemedicine services include prescription fillings, patients no longer have to make a visit just to get a medication refill. This saves many patients hours for a service that’s necessary but also a regimented part of treatment.

Safety: Telemedicine allows for remote mental health care. Therefore, eliminating the need for face-to-face mental health care for many services and needs. So, it’s a safer option for those who may be more at risk for being in public; specifically, elderly patients, those with compromised immune health, and individuals diagnosed with high-risk health conditions.

Telemedicine Services at Delray Center for Healing

Delray Center for Healing, a premiere, outpatient mental health treatment provider in South Florida, offers telemedicine for patients at all of our locations. Our telemedicine approach to care offers:

  • mental health assessments and evaluations for diagnosis
  • medication management services
  • teletherapy services

Find out more about if telemedicine services from Delray Center for Healing are right for the needs of you or a loved one today. Contact us right from our website or give us a call for a confidential consultation at 888-699-5679.