Who Does Individual Psychotherapy Help and is it Right for Me?

Are you feeling stuck mentally and emotionally? Are you dealing with things you feel like you can’t control on your own? Individual psychotherapy is a method of mental health counseling that can help people dealing with a wide range of issues. And, can provide people with the information they need to develop healthy coping skills and set boundaries in their daily relationships in order to improve their lives. So, can this type of therapy help you? Find out more about individual psychotherapy and the options available to you through Delray Center for Healing.

What is Individual Psychotherapy?

When you imagine therapy, chances are, what you picture is an individual psychotherapy session. Individual psychotherapy involves one-on-one counseling between an individual dealing with diagnosed mental health issues and a licensed psychologist. During these sessions, the goal is to identify a treatment plan for mental health. And, provide resources and knowledge for individuals going through mental health treatment so they are informed about what to expect.

With the guidance, respect, and trust that a psychotherapist utilizes during psychotherapy sessions, they can help to facilitate the mental health treatment process. And, assist with guiding individuals on their path to mental wellbeing by providing ongoing support.

Benefits of This Type of Therapy

People living with mental health issues can benefit from individual psychotherapy for a number of reasons. Furthermore, this type of counseling can be used in many different situations. Some of the advantages of this type of therapy include:

-providing guidance and motivation for mental health treatment plans
-helping to create and maintain mental health treatment goals
-assisting with staying positive about mental health treatment and objectives
-providing ongoing assistance during mental health treatment to help overcome issues that can arise
-helping to provide individuals with coping strategies in order to manage mental health symptoms and emotions
-giving information and support in order to adapt to new, healthier lifestyles

What to Expect From These Therapy Sessions

Individual psychotherapy provides individuals dealing with mental health issues with a safe and guided environment in which they can release their emotions and talk about what they’re going through. This allows this type of therapy to be useful in a number of situations. Some things you can expect to be involved with individual psychotherapy can include:

  • Resolving conflicts
  • Problem-solving
  • Addressing behavioral patterns
  • Identifying negative thinking patterns
  • Goal setting
  • Emotional expression
  • Evaluating personal weaknesses and strengths
Who is Individual Psychotherapy Right For?

People who are dealing with all kinds of mental health issues can benefit from this type of therapy. Some of the people who can take advantage of individual psychotherapy can include those who have or are:

  • been diagnosed with mental health issues
  • lived through traumatic situations
  • dealing with negative emotions, thoughts, or behaviors
  • addicted to alcohol or drugs
  • having apathy for things they once enjoyed

Taking Advantage of Individual Psychotherapy for Yourself

Want to take advantage of the benefits of this therapy for yourself? Delray Center for Healing offers this type of therapy that uses a number of different modalities at our South Florida location. Find out more about our outpatient mental health treatment services and therapy solutions today on our website.