Delray Center for Healing Now Offers a Trauma Resolution Program

Did you know the Delray Center for Healing now offers a trauma resolution program?  If you were already aware of this, you’re probably also familiar with trauma resolution.  However, if you didn’t know the Delray Center for Healing now offers a trauma resolution program, there’s a good chance you’re not exactly sure what a trauma resolution program is.  Continue reading to learn more…

A trauma resolution program focuses on dealing specifically with stressful and traumatic incidences one may have encountered at some point in their life.  Particularly, the emphasis is placed on developing the necessary coping skills to deal with these incidents.  T

The Delray Center for Healing now offers this program because, in many situations, those recovering from drug and/or alcohol abuse have gone through traumatic events before or during their active addiction.  There are even some situations where people enter addiction treatment bound by post-traumatic stress disorder.

This program is designed to help those individuals whose symptoms include nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks, mood swings, startle reflex, hypervigilance, depression, phobias, anxiety, isolative behavior, sleep disorders, psychic numbing and other symptoms common in the aftermath of a trauma.

The following people are most likely to benefit from this program currently offered:

  • Survivors of childhood physical, sexual and emotional abuse
  • Individuals who have experienced a catastrophic loss, death or abandonment
  • Survivors of natural disasters
  • Persons who have high-risk jobs such as; fire, police and emergency and rescue workers
  • Combat survivors
  • Victims of domestic abuse
  • Survivors of car accidents and man-made disasters

Now that you’re aware the Delray Center for Healing now offers a trauma resolution program, you can help guide a loved one if he or she is in need of help.  


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