Food Addiction in South Florida

It is never a good thing to be addicted to drugs or alcohol, but have you ever heard of food addiction in South Florida? Not many people would say that addictions can be to food on the scale they are to drugs or alcohol, but it can be. Food addiction is just as destructive to the body and to you life.

People with an addiction to food tend to use food as a way to cope with certain things in their lives that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to in a different manner. Many of those with food addiction in South Florida are addicted to food that you find at the supermarket such as candy, cookies, ice cream, and many other types of food. Overeating these substances will cause weight gain eventually and lead to either worse addiction or cause/ increase mental disorders such and depression and anxiety. However this may be more of the common types of food addiction, there is some that are extremely rare, but do happen. One of the strangest is known as pica. Pica is a food addiction that is characterized by the consumption of non-food items such as paper, dirt, soap, and numerous other substances. Those with pica will pig out on stuff that other people would even dare to ever consume.

Fortunately if you suffer from food addiction in South Florida, The Delray Center for Healing is here to help. We have over 10 years of experience helping other with their addictions and leading them on the path to sobriety successfully. Don’t delay, call today. Our team of qualified professionals are here to help you.


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