Orally Administered Ketamine Proven to be Effective

A new study from Israel found that ketamine therapy administered orally, rather than intravenously, is effective in treating depression. The study found that this type of treatment has an immediate effect on depression symptoms, and its influence lasts up to a week after the treatments.

Ketamine for depression and other mental ailments is typically administered through an IV. A big reason for this is that it’s easier to control the dosage and it lowers the risk of abuse. However, this study shows that orally drinking ketamine is just as effective and safe. This method of administering the drug makes it more accessible and less complicated.

“One of the things that surprised us was that we saw a positive influence up to seven days after treatment. Even though ketamine is a drug that exits the body very quickly,” says the researcher.

Orally administering ketamine treatments is more practical than the IV method. However, there is still a risk that this could lead to abuse. While more doctors are recommending ketamine to treat depression, especially treatment-resistant depression, and suicide they still say it likely won’t become the go-to treatment. Ketamine is helpful for use as a bridge to keep symptoms at bay. Specifically, until the traditional medication kicks in or used if traditional methods don’t work.

Ketamine for Depression Near Me at Delray Center for Healing

Orally Administered Ketamine Proven to be Effective

Here at Delray Center for Healing, we offer ketamine therapy for patients diagnosed with depression and relative mental health issues. Furthermore, we offer dual diagnosis programs, as depression is often an underlying issue that develops as a result of concurring disorders. In either case, if you haven’t tried these types of therapy, it’s definitely worth looking into. Especially, for patients who can’t find relief elsewhere. To learn more about ketamine therapy or to see if it could help with your depression feel free to contact us!