What to Expect from Personality Disorder Treatment

Experts agree that the treatment of personality disorders is often challenging because in most cases, patients diagnosed with these disorders don’t agree with their psychiatrists about the cause of the issues they face. This is the result of flawed thought processes that many who live with personality disorders live with. However, personality disorder treatment can be successful for those who are committed to ongoing treatment. And, for those who are open to accepting assistance and guidance from behavioral therapists and psychiatric treatments, like the outpatient treatment services available through Delray Center for Healing.

Understanding What Personality Disorders Are

Before one can understand if treatment for personality disorders is right for themself or a loved one, one must first understand what personality disorders are. This way, they can better determine if the symptoms of personality disorders are what they’re experiencing. Additionally, they can use this information to better pinpoint if treatment for these conditions is what they require.

Essentially, personality disorders are mental health disorders that affect a person’s thought patterns, behaviors, and ways they interact with others. Symptoms of these disorders can affect a person’s everyday life, making it difficult to maintain healthy relationships, hold down jobs, stay in school, stay out of financial or legal trouble, and more.

Most people living with personality disorders don’t think their thoughts or behaviors are what is at fault for the negative effects that occur in their lives. For example, losing friends, relationship issues, or work or school-related problems. This is what leads them to resist getting help through personality disorder treatment. But, understanding more about specific personality disorders can help individuals to come to terms with their personality disorders so they can begin to accept that treatment may help. And, may be what they need to make the decision to get help.

Types of Personality Disorders

There are a number of different types of personality disorders which all may display different characteristics and symptoms. Some of the various types of personality disorders include:

Schizotypal Personality Disorder: People diagnosed with this personality disorder don’t have success with personal relationships as they display unfitting emotions, thoughts, and reactions to people.

Schizoid Personality Disorder: This type of personality disorder is characterized by the inability to express emotions and connect with others.

Paranoid Personality Disorder: Those with this diagnosis often experience symptoms of paranoia and mistrust when it comes to dealing with relationships.

Borderline Personality Disorder: This type of personality disorder comes with the inability to place worth on oneself without the validation of others. People living with this disorder can have difficulties with fear of neglect and extreme shifts in moods/emotions.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder: People diagnosed with this disorder display characteristics including an elaborate sense of self, including one’s capabilities and merit. Plus, an absence of understanding and sympathy for others.

Antisocial Personality Disorder: Individuals diagnosed with this disorder have a hard time maintaining relationships as they don’t find that they relate to others. Additionally, they may not utilize healthy boundaries in relationships and indulge in unhealthy behaviors including lying, manipulating, and infidelity.

What’s Personality Disorder Treatment Like?

For many people living with personality disorders, it can be challenging to accept the fact that they need help through treatment. This is because they may not believe there’s anything wrong with them at all and may blame others for the way that they act or how their relationships play out. Therefore, many living with personality disorders don’t get the help they need to manage the symptoms of their disorder. And, learn to develop healthy, meaningful relationships.

However, when treatment is accepted and individuals come to terms with their diagnosis of a personality disorder, treatment is successful. And, can give people living with these disorders the tools and information they need to live out healthy, normal lives. But, what can one who is willing to accept help through personality disorder treatment come to expect?

Most treatment plans for personality disorders, including the outpatient approach at Delray Center for Healing, include a combination of holistic and traditional therapies. Plus, an individualized approach to determining the exact needs of a person in treatment for personality disorders, as everyone’s experience with these disorders is different. But, one thing is certain; people living with personality disorders who want to experience the true benefits of treatment must commit to a lifestyle that includes therapy and psychiatric treatment on a long-term basis to experience long-term results.

Types of Treatments Used for Personality Disorders

At Delray Center for Healing, we offer a number of therapeutic approaches to help individuals and families dealing with various personality disorders. These therapies include DBT and CBT, which are behavioral therapies that provide coping skills to individuals in order for them to learn how to identify and modify unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors. Plus, group therapy sessions enable individuals to practice coping skills they’ve learned in one-on-one therapy sessions with peers.