Some Important Things to Know About Medication Therapy Management

Many people may have preconceived notions about the way that medications are used to treat mental health. But, the truth is that they’re an effective way to treat symptoms of mental health and can be a useful tool for many people living with mental health issues. Medication therapy management is a service offered by many mental health treatment facilities that work to provide, monitor, and assess the use of psychiatric medications during treatment. But, while it’s a helpful tool for many, a lot of people may have questions or are unsure about using this type of service. That’s why it’s important to learn about medication management before getting started with treatment. This way, you can be sure to understand more about what to expect with medication management during your time in treatment.

Some things that are helpful to know about medication therapy management during mental health treatment include:

Taking Medication Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Strong

There’s a common stigma that surrounds medication that people who are taking them for mental health reasons may not be strong enough to deal with issues on their own. However, it takes strength to try something new (including medication). Psychiatric medications can help to make the symptoms of mental health issues less severe. This is because they can help to manage hormones and neurotransmitters that can be responsible for mental health symptoms. So, taking these medications isn’t something that is abnormal or something that makes a person “weak”. If anything, it helps them to be stronger in the face of their mental health issues.

Taking Medication Doesn’t Change Who You Are

There are other stigmas that surround psychiatric medications that involve the myth that medications change a person. This stigma can keep people from wanting to give medications a chance. But, the truth is that medications don’t have the influence to change a person’s personality. Surely, they can come with a wide range of symptoms that can impact hormones, which can affect a person’s mood regulations. However, side effects of medications typically recede after a certain period of time, which is time enough for the body to get used to the medication (usually around three weeks). Furthermore, medications used in mental health medication management therapy can actually improve mood-related symptoms. Thus, making mood management even better for individuals – not worse. So, sticking to this myth can actually hurt a person’s chance to reduce the severity of symptoms of mental health issues.

Medications Aren’t Something That Works the Same Way for Every Person

Every person may experience different treatments differently. This is also true for mental health medications. So, if you know someone who has had a bad experience with medications, that doesn’t mean that you will have the same type of experience. It’s important for people struggling with mental health issues to understand that not every person, mind, and body is the same. So, not every treatment will work the same way. When this is accepted, individuals can begin to search for and give chance to a range of treatments, including medications, and find the ones that work best for them. So, don’t let other people’s experiences with medication management determine whether or not you will try them for yourself.

Medication Therapy Management for Mental Health Issues

Delray Center for Healing offers individuals who are suffering from symptoms of mental health issues a plethora of treatment tools, including medication management. With our medication management therapy, you can expect to be guided through the medication experience with your needs and expectations in mind. And, feel safe and supported throughout the entire process as we offer evaluations, supervised use, and testing. Feel free to find out more about our medication management program on our website.