The Importance of Couple and Family Therapy in Outpatient Treatment Programs

Couple and family therapy is a branch of psychotherapy instilled in various treatment programs. These therapies work with both families and/or couples in intimate relationships to learn how to nurture change (in the terms of systems of interaction between family members) and development.  Couple and family therapy emphasizes family relationships as an important factor in overall psychological health.

benefits of Family Therapy

The importance of couple and family therapy in outpatient treatment programs is not an exaggeration. If you’re seeking outpatient treatment for drug or alcohol abuse or eating disorders, it is an essential part of recovery.

Depending on which school of thought you go with, the one thing they all have in common is the belief that family therapy, regardless of the origin of the problem and regardless of whether the clients consider it an individual or family issue, involving family members in the solution is often beneficial.  This is a common accomplishment due to direct participation in a therapy session.

Couple and family therapy is useful and effective in the full range of human dilemmas; there is no category of relationship or psychological problem that has not been addressed with this approach.  This is why the importance of couple and family therapy in outpatient treatment programs is stressed within The Delray Center for Healing.

Couple and family therapy uses a range of counseling and other techniques, including but not limited to:

  • Communication theory
  • Psychotherapy
  • Relationship Education
  • Systems therapy

Family and Couple Therapy in South Florida

Although the numbers of sessions are dependent upon the situation, on average one can expect to participate in anywhere from five to twenty sessions.  By meeting with several members of the family at the same time, there’s an advantage. For example, being able to make differences between the ways family members perceive mutual relations as well as interaction patterns.

The importance of couple and family therapy in outpatient treatment programs such as The Delray Center for Healing cannot be stressed enough.  You and your family members will benefit from this on your road to recovery.


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