Addressing Commonly Believed Myths About TMS Depression Treatment

TMS depression treatment is a great option for people struggling with the effects of depression that aren’t experiencing the symptom relief they expect from traditional depression treatments like psychiatric medications. But, unfortunately, as with many other forms of mental health treatments, there are many myths that surround TMS. Identifying and addressing these commonly believed myths help people who need to experience depression symptoms relief feel more comfortable about getting help from TMS.

TMS Therapy Isn’t Covered by Insurance

While every mental health treatment facility is different, most clinics that offer TMS, including Delray Center for Healing, accept insurance for TMS. Whether or not TMS therapy is covered by insurance depends on a person’s specific insurance policy. To make sure that TMS will be covered under your insurance, check with your insurance provider or read over your benefits in your insurance information. The myth that TMS is not covered under insurance is completely inaccurate as TMS is a safe and effective way to treat symptoms of mental health due to mental health issues like depression.

The Effects of TMS are a Placebo

There’s a myth going around that TMS therapy doesn’t actually provide lasting results. And, that the only reason that patients believe it works at all is because of a placebo effect. However, studies show that the symptom relief of TMS is real. And, specifically for patients using TMS to treat depression, it is extremely effective and useful in treatment applications.

TMS Sessions Take Too Long so They’re a Hassle

Another myth surrounding TMS is that sessions take too long, so they’re inconvenient to schedule in a person’s daily life. But, at Delray Center for Healing, TMS sessions only last about 45 minutes. And, can be booked around your daily schedule so they don’t interfere with your work, school, or other responsibilities. Plus, since there is no down or recovery time after TMS sessions, you can get back to your daily routine as soon as sessions are over.

It Has a Lot of Side Effects Which Make it Unsafe

Some people believe that TMS promotes a number of side effects that can make a life for a person struggling with mental health issues even more challenging. But, the reality is that a large majority of patients who use TMS depression treatment don’t experience any side effects at all. There is a slim chance that a patient may experience minimal side effects including headaches, but this is rare. So, even the side effects that can happen are not serious or life-threatening.

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At Delray Center for Healing, we believe that people living with depression should get the help they need in order to relieve their life from the symptoms of their mental health issues. This is true for even people living with depression symptoms even after they’ve tried traditional depression therapies and treatments. TMS therapy is available at our practice located in Delray Beach on an outpatient basis for people who want to experience the many benefits of this treatment.

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